move to

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move someone or something to something

to make someone or something shift toward something. Can you move your foot to the right a little? Would you move yourself to the right?
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value of moving and storage services provided to a MAE spouse or dependent by the government in connection with a move to a permanent change of station is not includible in income.
First Boston's unusual move to 11 Madison Avenue was another example of a major corporate downsizing and restructuring where a major corporate Midtown user occupying approximately a million square feet in various locations, opted to consolidate all operations under one less expensive roof.
A move to a top-level position is very different, in Dr.
If the mother in Lancaster wishes to move to be closer to her job and it is not an inordinate distance from the children's father, then she should be allowed to do so.
True Move to Enhance Customer Experience, Lower Operational Costs with Highly Reliable Voice Self-Service System
Day after day, Chet Grisso helps Ventura County residents pack up and move to places like Arizona or Texas.
Normally, the Department of Transportation regulations require an out-of-state move to be limited to a Type-A carrier.
It is a cruel and unfair system that tells custodial parents that if they move to remarry or accept a better job that they might lose custody of their children.
Of course, the opposite is true should this gang of 12 move to the pessimistic side of the equation.
This allows for a move to the negative side of the sentiment spectrum.
Should any negative news concerning AIG come forth this optimistic group could change their minds and move to the dark side.
The report found that households who do not move to seniors housing do not necessarily remain in their homes.
Our researchers find that USB's volume still continues to move to the upside.
In conclusion, our analysts believe BA should move to higher levels as indicated by BA's current short-term stochastic index.