move off

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move off

1. To remove oneself off some surface. Please move off the grass! The cat moved off the bed when I entered the room.
2. To remove something or someone off some surface. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "move" and "off." Would you mind moving your books off the table? I moved the kids off the sofa because their feet were all muddy.
3. To move away or depart (from someone or something). The protesters moved off from the premises as soon as the police arrived. OK, everyone, move off—there's nothing to see here!
4. To cause or compel someone or something move away or depart (from someone or something). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "move" and "off." We had to move the bystanders off to clear room for the ambulance. Try to move these animals off—they're getting in my way!
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move someone or something off (from someone or something)

 and move someone or something off (of someone or something)
to remove someone or something from on top of someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The referee moved the wrestler off from his fallen opponent. I moved the beam off of the leg of the man.
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move off (from someone or something)

to move away from someone or something. The doctor moved off from the patient, satisfied with her work. The officer stopped for a minute, looked around, and then moved off.
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"The team deployed a hasty team onto the hill with the help of a local farmer's all terrain vehicle and were able to reach the walkers and move them off the steep ground."
Organisers are hoping that the encampment will have moved on by Friday and it is understood that Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council secured a court hearing yestyerday to try and move them off.
Whenever there are loose balls on a tennis court move them off please - I didn't do that and went down pretty hard."
Move them off windowsills to protect them from temperature fluctuations and put them where they'll get maximum light.
Oscar De Paula scored seven minutes from time to give the Basques the points which move them off the foot of the table.
Move them off windowsills and away from areas prone to large temperature fluctuations, and place where they will get maximum light levels.
It's in his latest exhibition, which has a unique twist because he attaches hinges to his paintings so people can move them off the wall and see paintings on the front and back.