move off

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move off

1. To remove oneself off some surface. Please move off the grass! The cat moved off the bed when I entered the room.
2. To remove something or someone off some surface. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "move" and "off." Would you mind moving your books off the table? I moved the kids off the sofa because their feet were all muddy.
3. To move away or depart (from someone or something). The protesters moved off from the premises as soon as the police arrived. OK, everyone, move off—there's nothing to see here!
4. To cause or compel someone or something move away or depart (from someone or something). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "move" and "off." We had to move the bystanders off to clear room for the ambulance. Try to move these animals off—they're getting in my way!
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move someone or something off (from someone or something)

 and move someone or something off (of someone or something)
to remove someone or something from on top of someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The referee moved the wrestler off from his fallen opponent. I moved the beam off of the leg of the man.
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move off (from someone or something)

to move away from someone or something. The doctor moved off from the patient, satisfied with her work. The officer stopped for a minute, looked around, and then moved off.
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Bus driver Mr Noctor said: "As I got down there I could hear the doors beeping as the driver was about to move off, but at the time what that meant hadn't really sunk in - I was more bothered about reaching the kid.
"With other animals, trains are usually able to move off again immediately."
ST ALBANS boss Colin Lippiatt was not satisfied despite seeing his side move off the bottom of the Conference with a 2-2 draw at FOREST GREEN.
The Squirrels had goalscorers Duncan Atkinson and Dave Thompson to thank for securing the points that sees them move off the foot of the table.
There was uproar among politicians and business leaders in the area amid claims that the group demanded money to move off the car park.
A YOUNG Brora side stunned the hosts at the start of the second half to claim the points and move off the foot of the table.
Bell Environmental's Bell Strip system is able to displace birds by giving them a powerful, yet non lethal, shock upon landing on the electric device--causing the bird to be uncomfortable enough that it is forced to move off of the building.
When offenses run the traditional 999 horizontal deep stretch, the QB's are taught to read the safeties and throw to the receiver who is most open once the safeties move off the hash.
Butler did not have to wait long to move off the half century as 35 minutes later Goshin's Lad ran out an easy winner of the six-furlong seller.
"Nortel Networks focus on creating open, security specific acceleration infrastructure allows the processing of security to move off the data switching backplane, and enables best-of-breed security solutions to be integrated to meet the security specific needs of their customers."
Also, passengers should be aware the bus is about to move off and it's their responsibility to hold on to the equipment provided for their safety.
FRUSTRATED Jim Moffat blasted his sloppy side's discipline as nine-man Montrose stole a point to move off bottom.
When people have crossed, you must not move off until the patrol officer has returned to the pavement and signalled you to do so.
Swindon boss Iffy Onuora (above) was indebted to keeper Rhys Evans, who denied Leon Britton, Sam Ricketts and Andy Robinson in the first-half as the hosts' earned a point to move off the bottom.
I don't know why they can't revert to the old way when you just drive up to the front of the airport, drop them off and move off immediately.