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Yes, prayer can move mountains, but one must have faith and not pray as Natasha and I used to as children, that the snow might turn into sugar- and then run out into the yard to see whether it had done so.
D'you mean to say that if you really believed you could move mountains you could?
He has my love not only because he is a poet of the most exquisite verity, but because he is a lover of men, with a faith in them such as can move mountains of ignorance, and dulness, and greed.
But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.
The saying is "love can move mountains, begets love" also heard "Be the change you want to see".
A mere glance is all it takes to "literally move mountains or bring down ships.
The book delves into the secret of answered prayer and the blessed life, how to command God Almighty to move mountains, why many will miss heaven by 18 inches and the worship service the Lord desires and why it is not your typical Sunday service.
In contrast, the imprisonment, torture or killing of a single prominent dissident in a given country, other than Syria, can sometimes move mountains.
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Anyone who was at last week's ECHO Mum of the Year ceremony or who read the stories of our nominees will know mums can move mountains, make sacrifices, soldier on against the odds and take it all as a day's work.
Sport has the power to do that, it can move mountains and for Scott it could wipe his slate clean.
Community action can move mountains and we need to fully engage all sections of the community in the coming months.
Would it not be a better use of effort and time for the Welsh Government simply to say: we pledge that in five years at least 50% of 16-year-olds will graduate from every secondary school in Wales with good GCSE passes in English and maths, and we shall move mountains to support teachers in achieving this aim.
She claims that was her intention, as "you can't move mountains by whispering at them".