move forward

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move someone or something forward

to cause someone or something to advance. Move her forward. She is too far back. Please move the chair forward.
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We move forward with other planning endeavors recommended and borne out by member surveys, program evaluations, and the work of the Reorganization Task Force.
government was in touch with both government and that Obama administration encouraged them to move forward.
A "proof of concept" study is needed to answer that crucial question before the drug development process can move forward.
After the team determined that the stadium/mixed-use development concept at Candlestick Point would not deliver the optimal game day experience it is seeking, and announced it would not move forward with the public approval process, the team has also publicly offered to continue to work with the City to explore holding Olympic events at its proposed new stadium in Santa Clara.
Some committee members said while they had concerns, they decided to let the legislation move forward -- and get their questions addressed later in the process -- to try to hit a tight deadline to fast-track the bill.
As a result he inspired a nation to collectively come out of the doldrums of despair and move forward in many productive ways.
Daniel will continue to play a key role as we move forward.
The 49ers also worked with the City on alternative venue options to safeguard its bid if the team decided not to move forward with the proposed new stadium.
As you move forward in the next few weeks determining what your portfolio will look like, whether it's owned or bought, looking back at how you got here today from four years ago will be a useful, if not mandatory exercise,'' she said.
Team Says Fan Experience Comes First in Evaluation of Site, Decides Not to Move Forward With Approval Process at Candlestick Point
I think it's important that we continue to move forward with it,'' Tracy said.
G&S, which has extensive background in retail development projects throughout the New York area, has been able to move forward on a redevelopment plan which has been discussed in the Village for nearly 30 years.
El Paso Electric has chosen to move forward with their ongoing remote disconnect program utilizing the Nighthawk Systems-American Messaging partnership.
With all good intentions, there comes a time for us to unite and move forward,'' board member Marlene Canter said.
3 million transaction is the final transition step allowing SRS Labs to move forward with its core licensing business model.