move for

move for (something)

To instigate or initiate some legal motion. We are moving for a retrial in light of this new evidence, Your Honor.
See also: move

move for something

to make a parliamentary or legal motion in favor of something. I move for dismissal of the case against my client. My lawyer moved for a recess of the trial.
See also: move
References in classic literature ?
It is like yeast, a ferment, a thing that moves and may move for a minute, an hour, a year, or a hundred years, but that in the end will cease to move.
If it's a losing move for the first player, the second player must have a move that sets up a win.
So, there must always be a winning move for the first player.
This will provide a more seamless move for the service member, and at the same time, be more economical.
Typically, this translates into an easier move for service members and their families.
It divides searches among the processors and compiles and reconciles the results to generate the best possible move for any given chess position.
This is a higher-quality move for the service member," said Hutchinson.