move for

move for (something)

To instigate or initiate some legal motion. We are moving for a retrial in light of this new evidence, Your Honor.
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move for something

to make a parliamentary or legal motion in favor of something. I move for dismissal of the case against my client. My lawyer moved for a recess of the trial.
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"It is like yeast, a ferment, a thing that moves and may move for a minute, an hour, a year, or a hundred years, but that in the end will cease to move.
Raleigh, NC, March 16, 2012 --( Jeff Hatley, vice president of sales at Excel Moving & Storage (, a moving and storage company with locations in Raleigh and Greensboro, N.C., and Charleston, S.C., has announced that its Raleigh office has joined the Move for Hunger initiative in support of the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina.
“Excel Moving and Storage always looks for programs where we can benefit the communities we serve, and Move for Hunger is an excellent one for us to support,” said Hatley.
If it's a losing move for the first player, the second player must have a move that sets up a win.
(Nasdaq: CHRZ), has unveiled Move for Servers: DB2 Universal Database (UDB), a data extract, transformation and migration tool.
This will provide a more seamless move for the service member, and at the same time, be more economical.
3: If shooting guard 2 is overplayed and point guard 1 cannot get the ball to him, post 5 can set a vertical pick for forward 3, who can move for the pass from 1.
Alliance Relocation Services uses its knowledge of local markets to select the region's best van line agents to facilitate the most cost-effective move for the customer while providing top-of-the-line service.
He performs this move for each of his five shots, taking great care to make the lateral movement only on his backup, not on his move toward the pass.
It divides searches among the processors and compiles and reconciles the results to generate the best possible move for any given chess position.
Typically, this translates into an easier move for service members and their families.
"This is a higher-quality move for the service member," said Hutchinson.