move around

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move around

1. To move in a continuous, aimless manner. I know you're still feeling woozy, but try moving around a little bit. Would you quit moving around in bed like that? I'm trying to sleep!
2. To cause or compel someone or something to move from one place or point to another. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "move" and "around." I rolled my ankle funny, Doc, and now it hurts to move it around. I wish you wouldn't move around the furniture like that—I have it decorated in a particular way! The teacher moves us around each month so that we sit next to different students throughout the year.
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move someone or something around

to move someone or something from place to place. I wish that the army would stop moving me around. I have moved ten times in eight years. Let's move the furniture around and see how this room looks.
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move around and move about

to move here and there a bit; to stir; to walk around a bit. Stay where you are. Don't move around at all! I wish you would stop moving about.
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We're committed to making Uber the most affordable, safer and reliable option to move around and our experience shows us we can make that happen while making Uber the best possible platform for driver-partners to earn a living.
So - to stay put, or move around? Next week, two of Europe's biggest arts festivals will take place in rural Wales.
These proposals, to be firmed up between now and the end of the year, will address the frustrations of students, workers and consumers, who have had difficulty exercising their rights to move around, work and consume within the EU, as well as to vote in municipal and European elections - whatever their country of residence.
It may be recalled, even though the security during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was watertight, the Indians did move around in batches.
Large objects have strong gravitational forces, and these strong forces may have affected the way the planets move around their stars.
Prof Samuel said: "It is more comfortable for the patient as they can move around.
She cannot walk or move around and have no control over her bladder and bowl.
"The braking areas are an issue because you cannot move around in the braking areas like that," asserted Webber.
"You can't move around in the braking areas like that," said Webber.
Not a confinement system (the cows can move around their barn), Blue Spruce isn't organic, either.
For these activities, they'll need a suit that they can easily move around in.
Galbraith and illustrated by Jane Dippold, Traveling Babies is a picturebook featuring color photographs of how ten different animal babies move around. From loon chicks hitching a piggyback ride, to a kangaroo joey in its mother's pocket, to a lion cub carried by the scruff of its neck, each picture shows a different mode of travel--as opposed to human toddlers, who can move about on a bike or a wagon!
Depending on the time of year, sliding glass doors connect individual rooms with the promenade deck or seal them off from it, but to move around the house always involves traversing this interstitial space, which subtly blurs the boundary between interior and exterior realms.
* Expect the children to move around as soon as they are developmentally able to do so and develop strategies for tracking movements in your field notes