move around

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move around

1. To move in a continuous, aimless manner. I know you're still feeling woozy, but try moving around a little bit. Would you quit moving around in bed like that? I'm trying to sleep!
2. To cause or compel someone or something to move from one place or point to another. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used before or after "around." I rolled my ankle funny, Doc, and now it hurts to move it around. I wish you wouldn't move around the furniture like that—I have it decorated in a particular way! The teacher moves us around each month so that we sit next to different students throughout the year.
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move someone or something around

to move someone or something from place to place. I wish that the army would stop moving me around. I have moved ten times in eight years. Let's move the furniture around and see how this room looks.
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move around and move about

to move here and there a bit; to stir; to walk around a bit. Stay where you are. Don't move around at all! I wish you would stop moving about.
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While only 13 million Europeans (out of 500 million) live in another member state, as many as 210 million move around the EU every year for business or holidays.
It may be recalled, even though the security during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was watertight, the Indians did move around in batches.
Large objects have strong gravitational forces, and these strong forces may have affected the way the planets move around their stars.
He used his innovative mind to develop a suitable aid with which Julie could move around.
On future space missions, astronauts may be constructing stations or scaling red-rock walls on Mars For that they'll need a suit that they can easily move around in.
That allows the bushing pin to move around and extend out of the bushing bore.
Antin also presented a record of the photographs' making in the form of a video, Shooting Eleanor Antin's Roman Allegories, in which the artist and company eat apples, drink Coke, sit around in curlers, spray hairspray and paint, pretend to become statuary, smoke, impassively dodge joggers on the beach, move around sets, and rush to shoot a scene before the sun sets behind the hills.
Because of the small cell size in his unit, prison policy calls for beds to removed daily so that wheelchair-bound inmates have some minimal area within with to move around in their cells.
With transportation) we have to find cheap ways to move around and it's a critical part of our economic growth.
1 pick among pollees, nobody gets into a rut: Managers are on the move around the globe.
As executives move around more, and rely less on company executive development programs and mentors, they are beginning to seek out their own growth opportunities.
We're on concrete and this machine needs to move around quite a bit," Neil notes.
This spring, Japanese companies are also marketing a "robot suit," a motorized, battery-operated pair of pants designed to help the aged move around on their own.
New to the education market, this optical mouse allows teachers and lecturers to move around the room freely as they present to their students.
While animal rights advocates often support better treatment of chickens including more space to move around outdoors or in, and the elimination of battery cages (which can be less than 48 inches of space per bird in the U.