move ahead of

move ahead (of someone or something)

1. To advance to a position physically in front (of someone or something). The police cruiser moved ahead of the suspect's car and forced it off the road. He lagged around third place for most of the race, but with a dramatic burst of speed, he moved ahead in the last lap and won the whole thing.
2. To advance to a position of success, esteem, or accomplishment (beyond someone or something else). It's been tough watching my friends move ahead of me while I'm still stuck in this dead-end job. They were always seen as a second-tier tech company, but they've really been moving ahead in recent years.
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move ahead of someone or something

to advance beyond someone or something. All my coworkers are moving ahead of me in salary. What am I doing wrong? The police moved ahead of the parade, pushing back the crowd.
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References in classic literature ?
At last, however, by dint of the unrestricted use of his spear point, the ape-man succeeded in forcing the lion to move ahead of him and eventually guided him into the passageway.
He stated that knowing when and how to move ahead of the competition is important.
NICO Rosberg held off a dramatic late charge from Daniel Ricciardo to win the Singapore Grand Prix and move ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the title race.
economically has continued to move ahead of the rest of the world, with the widening gap particularly noticeable with the Europeans.
Typical machines have arms that move from station to station in a circular motion, which takes up space and doesn't allow for molds with a shorter cooling requirement to move ahead of a mold with a longer cycle.
And if the agency grants you expedited processing for the information you want your request will move ahead of other FOIA requests in the pipeline.