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'I didn't see Thurman remove his mouthpiece and I know he didn't put it back in his mouth because I saw Keith's mouthpiece on the canvas during the rest period at the end of the (10th) round,' said Bayless in an e-mail to The STAR yesterday.
Everyone who came to town would stop by, wanting some adjustment to a mouthpiece or a copy of a mouthpiece.
Ariel Casilao's comment on my opinion on the resumption of the peace talks is telling of how the representative of Anakpawis has designated himself as the mouthpiece and the attack dog of the groups responsible for a long list of terroristic activities against the people and the state over the past 40 years,' Duterte-Carpio said.
[5] The visual and auditory reaction time (Fig A & B) was measured by asking the subject to open a key kept in series with an electromagnetic time marker as quickly as he/she could do with the dominant hand after noticing a light or sound stimulus initially without mouthpiece and subsequently using mouthpiece.
BEIRUT: A Hezbollah drone Tuesday struck militant posts in northern Syria, the party's social media mouthpiece said, in the first known report of the group using aircraft to strike enemy targets.
The questionnaire showed that WW instruments, particularly those with a reed mouthpiece (WW-wR), were significantly correlated with the risk of TMD.
1 Starting with the thumb as a stand-in mouthpiece, have students put their top teeth on the pad of the thumb, feeling the weight of their head pressing downward (this helps prevent pushing upwards with the bottom jaw).
plus 18-aged readers 574 interviewed Mouthpiece People Sunday
On Wednesday, Sena's mouthpiece Saamana did not hide the glee and targeted both PM Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah, reminding them about the perils of arrogance.
To get involved, please visit mouthpiece or email
The FITguard is a new sports mouthpiece equipment that has sensitive motion sensors that detects serious head concussions sustained in the event of a strong head impact.
Bulgarian capital Sofiaas subway CEO Stoyan Bratoev has stated he has anothing to doa with the far-right partisan mouthpiece that was distributed as a afree newspaper.a
Summary: In an interview to party mouthpiece Smna, Uddhav Thackeray urged the BJP to ensure that there was no repeat of situation like presidential election when BJP's last minute decision had led to a split in the NDA.
Designed to be easier to use than traditional forms of isolation, such as the rubber dam or manual suction and retraction, reliable isolation is now as quick and easy as selecting the correct size Isolite Mouthpiece for the patient.