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Both strains of mouse showed a significant elevation of protoporphyrin from day 3, but C57BL/6J mice reached maximal accumulation by day 15 compared with the BALB/c mice, which reached the same level of accumulation by day 22.
It's not easy to evaluate a mouse's response to an anesthetic, but researchers have several strategies.
Significant advances in the science of mouse cancer modeling reflect the rapid acquisition of mouse and human genome sequence information, the informatics tools to analyze and compare them, innovative technologies to derive molecular signatures of human and mouse cancer, and the evolution of new approaches to mouse engineering and phenotyping.
According to the Nature report, the rat genome contains less DNA than the human genome does but slightly more than the mouse genome.
Briefly, 0.2 mg mouse liver was homogenized in 1 mL chloroform (CH[Cl.sub.3])/methanol (2:1 v/v).
Modeling the human variations in the mouse by modifying the mice to add or subtract a humanlike gene with its variations will help scientists unlock the secrets of these and other human diseases in a genetically varied humankind.
MEHP has been shown to stimulate transcriptional activation of human or mouse PPAR[Alpha] in transfected COS-1 monkey kidney cells, whereas DEHP was inactive (30).
The investigators also demonstrated that the removal of 70 percent of a mouse's liver, a surgical procedure known as a partial hepatectomy, produces a dramatic drop in the concentration of SCF in the remaining organ along with a rise in SCF in the mouse's blood.
For example, mouse models of xeroderma pigmentosa produced by creating null mutations of xpc gene prove the critical function nucleotide excision repair by the xpc system in ultraviolet radiation-induced damage leading to skin cancer (13).
The mouse group that had their original ovaries had about a month more to live than the group that had their ovaries removed and not replaced.
You just give an old mouse young blood and see if the animal is smarter than before.
Microsoft Hardware has extended its award-winning line of BlueTrack Technology mouse products, debuting the advanced tracking technology at its lowest prices ever --under $30.(1) Now people have the opportunity to track on virtually any surface(2) at an affordable price with three new mice to choose from -- the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, Wireless Mouse 2000 and Comfort Mouse 4500.
Ziggy is a mouse lemur, one of the smallest primates in the world.
The alteration lowered the animals' temperatures by about 0.3 to 0.5[degrees]C below normal for a mouse. The altered mice were given as much food as they wanted, and they maintained normal weight.