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On the basis of his mouse studies, Benoist speculates that inhibiting C3 might block arthritis even more safely and effectively.
Rodents and mouse lemurs, for example, look alike and are about the same size.
Thirty-nine saliva samples from intrathoracically infected mosquitoes that fed on a mouse were obtained by immobilization (legs and wings removed) and forced salivation into 10-[micro]L capillary tubes (VWR International, West Chester, PA, USA) containing immersion oil (type B, Cargille Laboratories Inc.
Researchers began to manipulate gene expression by rearranging mouse DNA, removing parts of it, or inserting human DNA into the animal's own genetic material.
Genetically modified mouse models provided scientists with one means of pursuing these goals.
Another approach used by Sutton's group involves a collection of microcell hybrids where each clone was derived from a mouse melanoma cell line and contains a small amount of a single human chromosome.
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By clicking a mouse button while the cursor is on the icon, users can launch the command it represents.
The researchers discovered that selectively killing off one or two of the responding cell types didn't affect how well a cancer-resistant mouse fended off the disease.
Answering this question will require testing OCPs in mouse strains with differing genetic background with respect to SLE susceptibility genes.
Three SARS-CoV-inoculated and one mockinoculated mouse were euthanized 3, 5, 7, 10, and 28 days postinoculation (p.