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mourn for (one)

To experience grief over one's death. Don't mourn for me, sweetheart—I've lived a good, long life, and now it is my time to go. She was still mourning for her husband when her mother passed away from a stroke.
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mourn over (someone or something)

To experience grief over the death of a person or animal. Don't mourn over me, sweetheart—I've lived a long, happy life, and now it is my time to go. She was still mourning over her husband when her mother suddenly passed away from a stroke.
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mourn for someone or something

 and mourn over someone or something
to grieve for someone or something. Everyone will mourn for you when you go. We all mourned over the end of the holiday. There is no point in mourning over your cat. It won't come back.
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The women, Janet Wambui, Lydia Wanjiru and Susan Wakuthii, shoved each other out of the way as they struggled to get into the morgue to get the body, sending the mourners scampering.Police officers were forced to move in to separate the warring women.
At 6pm, the police, who were at the funeral grounds and were convinced by the actions of the mourners that they would comply with the court order, left the funeral.
The booklet, which has been sent out to all United Synagogue communities as well as to rabbis, Rebbetzens, Burial Societies and cemeteries, also gives other suggestions for ways in which mourners can memorialize a loved one who has passed away.
"We need a proper mourner because young people don't know how to cry anymore," Xu Xinwei, the niece of the deceased, said.
He acknowledged support in Australia might be more focused on the needs of the mourner, who could take advantage of a Medicare benefit and consult a psychologist.
Sobs and wails filled the air as mourners in the front rows stamped their feet and cried as the hearse passed by.
Bloomberg, Kelly Visit With the Kletzkys [Vos Iz Neias?] From Around the Country, Thousands of Mourners Pouring In to Kletzky Home [CBS/Vos Iz Neais?] Earlier: A Community To Be Proud Of, a Death to Mourn
Stars from the world of entertainment were among more than 1,000 mourners who attended his funeral yesterday.
But in Mourner a certain sweetness pervades the scene as well.
The emperor was the first mourner to pay respects to the empress dowager, bowing and offering a tree branch to the altar in a Shinto gesture.
In his forties, long lapsed from Jewish orthodoxy, Wieseltier returned to the synagogue (to the shul, in the homelier Yiddish word he prefers) to say the mourner's kaddish for his father, three times a day for eleven months; puzzled by this taxing cultural imperative, which is neither biblical nor talmudic, he undertook an open-ended search through Jewish literature to find the sources of the practice.
Consider someone whose actions defy an observer's expectations of reasonable behavior in a particular situation -- the rubber-chicken mourner, for instance.
Tahir Abass, head of Integrated Health Services in a press release, said as per Muharram alert issued by Sindh Government, his organization would provide all available medical aid to the mourners in the province during Muharram.
Srinagar -- Dozens, including women, were injured in occupied Kashmir on Sunday as Indian forces opened fire at mourners gathered for the funeral of a martyred youth, Zeenatul Islam, in Shopian district.
THOUSANDS of mourners have turned out to pay their last respects to Aengus "Gussie" Shanahan, 18 years after he went missing.