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mourn for (one)

To experience grief over one's death. Don't mourn for me, sweetheart—I've lived a good, long life, and now it is my time to go. She was still mourning for her husband when her mother passed away from a stroke.
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mourn over (someone or something)

To experience grief over the death of a person or animal. Don't mourn over me, sweetheart—I've lived a long, happy life, and now it is my time to go. She was still mourning over her husband when her mother suddenly passed away from a stroke.
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mourn for someone or something

 and mourn over someone or something
to grieve for someone or something. Everyone will mourn for you when you go. We all mourned over the end of the holiday. There is no point in mourning over your cat. It won't come back.
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Khadija's death went viral on social media and more than 5,000 people mourned her on Twitter.
Catherine de' Medici so deeply mourned the death of Henry II in 1559 that she changed her coat of arms to feature a pile of quicklime upon which tears were falling with the words: "Adorem extincta testantur vivere flamma / Que la force d'amour dedans nos coeurs empreinte / Vit d'un brasier secret, quand la flamme est eteinte." Quicklime was poured into graves in order to decompose bodies more quickly, and it had the peculiar character of smoldering when water fell upon it.
the mixedblood is a rich source of power and something to be celebrated rather than mourned.(1) Often, the trope of cultural intersection is figured forth in half-blood fictional characters.
Pope's 'Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady', for example, which is supposed to illustrate 'the elegy's increasing distance from the structures, figures, and myths of Christian eschatology', which it 'elegantly sidesteps' by 'selecting as the mourned object .
In turn, the reader is also "Other" to the speaker, raising the possibility that the reader is mourned here, making this speech a eulogy for the reader that has yet to be delivered.
Because I have mourned for others it is possible to imagine that Jaye Davidson would mourn for me, having once been large and colored too.
Earlier, the Court of Shaikh Sultan mourned the death of his brother Shaikh Humaid Al Qasimi.
The Court of Shaikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi on Friday mourned the death of Shaikh Humaid Al Qasimi.
They mourned for present and past failures, for an unwillingness to notice and respond to the totally embracing and unconditional love of God.
Sethe feels that she has no self, except in the role of mother.(5) Sula, a rejected child who becomes a woman who refuses to be defined by anyone except herself, sits apart as Chicken is mourned and, later, dies alone.