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mourn for (one)

To experience grief over one's death. Don't mourn for me, sweetheart—I've lived a good, long life, and now it is my time to go. She was still mourning for her husband when her mother passed away from a stroke.
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mourn for someone or something

 and mourn over someone or something
to grieve for someone or something. Everyone will mourn for you when you go. We all mourned over the end of the holiday. There is no point in mourning over your cat. It won't come back.
See also: mourn
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HRH the Premier mourns late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and stresses with his death, the Arab and Islamic nations have lost a leader who dedicated his life to the nation and its issues.
Rather than mourn, the Catholic nobility send their minions out to battle against the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP), a powerful voice for those harmed by the bishops.
A spiritually deadened person mourns over things that should bring celebration--and often celebrates things that should be mourned.
I mourn the loss of simple pleasures that I once took for granted.
We cannot know all of the practical and soulful implications of what is happening in this western diocese, and yet we mourn for each and every Anglican parishioner whose heartstrings have been pulled by these events.
Scholars, veterinarians, activists, photographers, and artists from the US, Australia, and Europe offer 26 essays on how humans mourn animal death.
Before a nation in grief can unite, its citizens need to mourn their individual losses first.
Kutcher has turned up fascinating hints that many officials wanted to be ordered not to take leave but to mourn at their posts--a prestigious indication that they could not be spared and a reprieve from a risky sabbatical from being in the loop and on the ladder.
To grieve with the queen, then, was to mourn the death of the king's body owing to a wounding of the body politic.
Scripture is the source of the mourning/joy paradox: "Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted" (Matt.
In Homer's narrative Achilles mourns Patroclus as a peer, and the obligation to mourn does not extend outside the circle of male warrior aristocrats.
Workers and Filipinos want to mourn knowing their names, he said.
Cain, concerned with self, lets sin in the door, but more importantly, he refuses to acknowledge his effect on the "other"; he refuses to remember and to mourn his brother Abel.
Because I have mourned for others it is possible to imagine that Jaye Davidson would mourn for me, having once been large and colored too.