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slang A police officer. The term is typically used on CB radio. Some county-mounty pulled me over for speeding, boys.


n. a highway patrol officer. (Citizens band radio.) There’s a county-mounty waiting under that bridge ahead of you.
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Mounty, with over 20 Years experience in the retail real estate industry, was most recently a vice president in the retail division of Vornado Realty Trust.
The Full Mounty tour will highlight the highs and lows of his career and will combine video and images from previous expeditions and never-before seen footage from Kangchenjunga in Nepal.
A Philadelphia native, Mounty graduated from the Wharton School of Business at U.
Josephs), 2) Mark Osling (Penylan), 3) Daniel Salmon (Penylan) & Sk) Craig Williams# (Gilfach); Rink 4 - L) Rhys Jackson* (Llanbradach), 2) John Bartlett# (Penylan), 3) Liam Bouse (Ystrad Mynach) & Sk) David Harding (Penylan); Rink 5 - L) Mike Corcoran (Caerphilly Town), 2) Mark Jackson (Llanbradach) 3) Mark Harding (Penylan) & Sk) Ian Henderson (Caerphilly Town); Rink 6 - L) Wayne Letman (Penylan), 2) Dan Butler (Llanbradach), 3) Mike Smith (Caerphilly Town) & Sk) Martin Selway (Caerphilly Town) Reserves - Allan Blackmore (Whitchurch), Gary Cox (Penylan), Hadyn Williams (Llanbradach), Carl Mounty (Penylan) & Gavyn Fielding (Pontyclun Athletic).
Introducing any new concept can be a tricky business, but the combined experience of co-founders, Robert Moffett-technical director, and managing director Martin McVicar in the design and assembly of the 3-wheeled Moffett Mounty gave them a head start.
John from Cleland says his brother is known as The Mounty.
Head of communications and quality Peter Mounty said: "When we were looking at what we could do in the community we decided that improving numeracy and literacy was a good thing we could do.
although Matthew Bishop's back-header lacked sufficient pace to pose a threat, Scott Ruscoe nipped in to chip over keeper Carl Mounty.
Mrs Margaret Wright, aged 51, of Burntwood, and Mrs Jan Mounty, aged 57, of Birmingham, will travel from Moscow to St Petersburg in September in aid of the Children in Crisis charity.
Josephs), 2) Carl Mounty (Penylan), 3) Daniel Salmon (Penylan) & Sk) Mark Harding (Penylan); Rink 4: L) Steve Edwards (Penylan) 2) Gavyn Fielding (Pontyclun Ath), 3) Martin Selway (Caerphilly Town) & Sk) David Harding (Penylan); Rink 5: L) Liam Bouse (Ystrad Mynach), 2) Mark Jackson (Llanbradach), 3) Mark Osling (Penylan) & Sk) Ian Henderson, Captain, (Caerphilly Town); Rink 6: L) Luke Stanley (Penylan), 2) Dan Butler (Llanbradach), 3) Mike Smith (Caerphilly Town) & Sk) Craig Williams (Gilfach Bargoed); Reserves - Allan Blackmore (Whitchurch), Gary Cox (Penylan), Wayne Letman (Penylan), Mike Corcoran (Caerphilly Town), Rhys Jackson (Llanbradach) & Hadyn Williams (Llanbradach).
The people selling the counterfeits wouldn't be in their dodgy business at all if it wasn't for legions of "honest" folk prepared to shell out a fiver for an obviously ripped off copy of Shriek II, The Full Mounty, For Weedings And A Funroll, and the latest James Binned.
Customers come to us because they know our drivers can handle every vehicle, from Moffet Mounty forklifts to Hiabs and car transporters, as well as being certificated to carry chemicals.