mountain dew

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(mountain) dew

1. n. Scotch whiskey. The real mountain dew is smoky-tasting and amber.
2. n. illicit liquor; any liquor. Mountain dew is what I want. As long as it’s not store bought.
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More than anything else, Mountain Dew is about transforming life into something more daring and exhilarating - and we have now fulfilled that philosophy with these Dew Action events" says Subhani.
I'm offended that Mountain Dew had to apologize about an extreme ad that fits their extreme mood for an extreme soda that people with extreme lifestyles generally drink," said commenter, Melanie Malizia.
He hopes his name-change bid will be enough to win him the prize of a six-month supply of Mountain Dew and pounds 1,000 in cash.
Mountain Dew X-Treme will be available in the markets for a limited period only.
While the US Mountain Dew features more than a dozen flavours, the British version will comprise only a citrus flavour in a 500ml PET bottle.
Pepsi last week said it would give consuemers who participate in a new Mountain Dew soft drink promotion called "Mountain Dew Extreme Network" a free Motorola pager and six months of service provided by MobileComm.
All you have to do is take a 12-ounce can of Mountain Dew soda (which is mostly sugar and carbonated water) and spike it with 90 mg each of sodium and potassium (plus som chlorine and phosphorus).
It's a phenomenal honor for Motive and Mountain Dew to win this award," said Matt Statman, founder of Motive.
Mountain Dew is a flagbearer for guys who want to have an exhilarating, good time.
Mountain Dew Reintroduces Iconic "Do the DEW" Credo with First-Ever Global Creative Featuring Scotty Lago and Sean Malto in Collaboration with Filmmaker Justin Lin
The drink named as 'Kickstar' is a fruit-flavored Mountain Dew drink and will contain 5 percent fruit juice with vitamins B and C, the New York Daily News reported.
PepsiCo and Mountain Dew believe that they can make the distinction clear enough to consumers.
Rodriguez isn't just a two-time X Games gold medalist, he's also a walking, talking dollar sign, endorsing national products such as Nike and Mountain Dew and drawing an annual paycheck well over six figures.
Sponsors: Flip, Axion, Volcom, Ricta, Fury, Mountain Dew, Boost, Oakley, TSG
The "Fuel Up For Free" beverage promotion supports Taco Bell's signature beverage Mountain Dew Baja Blast.