mount against

mount against (someone or something)

1. To gain in scale, scope, or strength in opposition to someone or something. The evidence has continued to mount against the disgraced CEO ever since the first allegations of fraud surfaced over a month ago. A rebel insurgency has begun mounting against he tyrant king.
2. To instigate, prepare, or set in motion some action or movement in opposition to someone or something. We're mounting a counter-offensive against the enemy's position in Normandy. The prosecution has mounted an aggressive and airtight case against the defendant.
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mount something against someone or something

to create or instigate something against someone or something. The prosecutor mounted a questionable case against Robert. The state mounted a very complex case against the company.
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Summary: Beijing [China]/Naypyitaw [Myanmar], Nov 27 (ANI): China will host Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi even as global criticism continues to mount against her and the Myamarese Government of their handling of the Rohingya refugee crisis.
And perhaps the new generation will come up with something that is - a government that is really working,' he told a press conference as protests mount against the killing of a 17-year-old student during an antidrug operation.
The accounts of customers who have not transferred money to the country are also under the threat of being closed, as international sanctions mount against Iran.
After last week's sensational opener, culminating with the shocking murder of police officer Georgia, the evidence continues to mount against 'bad cop' Lindsay Denton.
For a while now, the medical fraternity has been warning us about the anarchy antibiotics are preparing to mount against humans and for all understandable reasons.
The Tepe-Akfen-Souter-Sera consortium won the auction for the privatization of A[degrees]DO, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with an offer of $861 million in 2011.As complaints mount against the ticket pricing policy of A[degrees]DO, the company changed to a "single price" policy in 2012.
But as the evidence begins to mount against him, she has to re-evaluate all her certainties.
The Rick Dutrow-trained winner was sharply away from stall seven and jockey Kent Desormeaux took a pull to settle his mount against the rail in third as Gayego set the early pace.
Suspicion begins to mount against Nell, who is taken away from her family to await trial.
The immune response that cats mount against this parasite forces the parasite into very tough cysts that are shed in cats' feces.
Over the past several years, evidence has continued to mount against the food component called trans fat.
DALLAS -- Criminal charges continue to mount against a Texas man who has described himself as a spokesman for the hacker-activist group Anonymous.
Pressure has continued to mount against the family of the former Chief Justice India (CJI) with respect to the accumulation of wealth seen as disproportionate to his known sources of income.
The case starts to mount against Hill but will get even worse in the concluding half of this story next week.