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mount resistance

To try to stop or keep something from happening. I'm worried that the townspeople are going to mount resistance once they learn that yet another tax has been levied against them.
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mount something against someone or something

to create or instigate something against someone or something. The prosecutor mounted a questionable case against Robert. The state mounted a very complex case against the company.
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mount something on something

to place or attach something onto something. Mount the butterflies on plain white paper. Sue mounted her favorite stamps on a display board.
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mount up

1. to get up on a horse. Mount up and let's get out of here! Please mount up so we can leave.
2. [for something] to increase in amount or extent. Expenses really mount up when you travel. Medical expenses mount up very fast when you're in the hospital.
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mount/stand/keep ˈguard (over somebody/something)

act as a guard: Two soldiers stood guard over the captured weapons.
See also: guard, keep, mount, stand
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The city sells 224 square feet of land at the base of the cross to the Mount Soledad Memorial Association for $24,000.
Sensi-Dry weigh dryer mounts the drying hopper onto load cells that sense the weight of the hopper and its contents.
IF you use the MK-2327, use metal plate, NSN 9515-01-374-7165, for the top rear roadside mount; NSN 9515-01-37N-7166, for the top rear curbside mount; and NSN 9515-01-374-7167, For the bottom rear curbside mount.
At the time, Katharine Hanson, executive director of the Consortium of Financing Higher Education (COFHE), supported the concept and encouraged members of the Consortium, including Mount Holyoke, to become involved.
The Blueprint Initiative is a research program of the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SLRI) at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, with an affiliated node in Singapore.
The commenter expressed dissatisfaction with Bank's level of service and alleged anticompetitive practices in the Rocky Mount area and asserted that Bank imposes unreasonably high service charges.
When the dealer informed Koresh over the phone of the agents' concerns, Koresh responded by inviting the agents to Mount Carmel to examine his gun inventory and paperwork.
The mount is then ground with successively finer grit abrasives while intermittently observing the depth of the markers below the mount surface.
Mount Rainier, locally known simply as "the mountain," is the tallest peak in the Cascades, a chain of mountains that parallels the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to northern California.
With completion of the Memorial Highway to Coldwater Ridge, the destructive force of the volcano and Mount St.
today announced a variety of new Device Holders / Device Mounts designed to securely mount the AT&T BlackBerry Torch, and the Verizon and Sprint Bold smartphones to car, truck and SUV dashboards and consoles.
M197 mount--To fire the M240B and M249 machine guns on the M197 mount with the weapon shield, you need to install the following:
It's just that the press of responsibility kept dragging George Washington away from his beloved Mount Vernon.
More than 7,000 years ago, Mount Mazama in Oregon exploded out of existence.
Thus wrote Washington of his beloved Mount Vernon in a letter to an English correspondent in 1793.