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a motor mouth

A person who talks incessantly or irrepressibly. Jake is such a motor mouth that I find it exhausting talking to him! You need to quit being such a motor mouth in the classroom!
See also: motor, mouth

get someone’s motor running

1. tv. to get someone excited. I’ve got some news that’ll really get your motor running.
2. tv. to get someone sexually aroused. She knows how to get his motor running.
See also: get, motor, running


in. to depart. Well, let’s motor, you guys. It’s getting late.


and motor-mouth
n. someone who talks incessantly. (Also a term of address.) Tell that ratchet-mouth to shut up! Hey, motor-mouth! Don’t you ever stop?


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Among the alternatives that such companies are turning to are electric motors, which in today's business climate can offer a number of advantages:
Solving this puzzle involves determining whether the focus is on the motor home or the motor home business as a whole.
The hydraulic motor is a hydro-statically-balanced radial piston cam curve unit with a mechanical efficiency approaching that of a roller bearing, thus resulting in excellent torque efficiency.
The existing pump, motor, and base plate are removed, and the existing concrete foundation is only partially demolished.
The PIC18FXX39 family also provides an off-the-shelf solution for simple motor control applications, allowing users to create speed control solutions with small part counts and short development times.
The next unsuitable manner to eliminate the sensor is to measure the impedance change of the motor windings by injecting a high-frequency sense carrier, or probing with current pulses.
An administrative law judge found that Chrysler had defrauded its customers, and in October 1996, the Division of Motor Vehicles revoked the manufacture's license for forty-five days and suspended the company's activities at 300 dealerships throughout the state.
The development 10 years ago of in vitro motility assays -- techniques that enable scientists to take motor proteins out of cells and study them on glass slides -- "blew the lid off the field," recounts Block.
Plant Visits Committee: Chairman--Mike McCrary, Ford Motor Co; Kasi Goundan, GM Tech Center.
Table 1: Long-Term Potential for Efficient Electric Motor Systems (2010 P) - percentage Share Breakdown by Opportunity -Improved Motor-Mechanical Subsystem Integration, Process Utilization and Optimization, Motor Efficiency Enhancement and Improved Electrical Distribution (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-8
Reconditioned DC motors, primarily from railroad locomotives, were readily available and inexpensive.
And a few direct-drive configurations simply couple a conventional asynchronous AC motor directly to a small screw.
Bose has developed technical strengths in electromagnetics, materials science and motion control that have culminated in high-performance linear actuators using moving coil motor designs (e.