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a motor mouth

A person who talks incessantly or irrepressibly. Jake is such a motor mouth that I find it exhausting talking to him! You need to quit being such a motor mouth in the classroom!
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get (one's) motor running

1. slang To make one excited. Listening to classic rock songs just gets my motor running—I love trying to pick out all the different instruments being used! Stamp collecting doesn't interest me in the slightest, but it really gets Bill's motor running.
2. vulgar slang To cause one to become sexually aroused. His French accent really gets my motor running!
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get someone’s motor running

1. tv. to get someone excited. I’ve got some news that’ll really get your motor running.
2. tv. to get someone sexually aroused. She knows how to get his motor running.
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in. to depart. Well, let’s motor, you guys. It’s getting late.


and motor-mouth
n. someone who talks incessantly. (Also a term of address.) Tell that ratchet-mouth to shut up! Hey, motor-mouth! Don’t you ever stop?


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The general approach to overcome these issues is to substantially increase the dielectric strength value of the magnet wire used in the electric motor windings.
When AC induction motors are directly connected to power grids without VFDs, the motor efficiency is determined only by the motor load at the constant rated voltage and frequency.
With the Van der Graaf Intelligent Drum Motor design, the rotor is magnetically self-induced by the use of permanent magnets installed on the rotor body.
On Saturday July 28, Motor Range will be hosting a sizzling summer BBQ event and customers will have the chance to win a Weber Charcoal BBQ.
At this point, you can consider your application's torque and speed requirements, and the effect they have on the size of the motor frame.
This trend toward measuring the efficiency of the entire system, which began in Europe, starts with the motor and drive, but extends out to the driven equipment.
Starting a constant speed induction electric motor is always a problematic event, especially for single-phase motors.
There are defacto standard BLDC motor armature voltages on the market, with the most common being 24 V.
Since 1987, when it won the first-ever US National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award with DT200 Exante, Suzuki outboard motors have won the award seven times in the past, such as with DF60/70 in 1997, DF250 in 2003, DF40A/50A in 2011, and DF300AP in 2012, bringing innovation to the outboard motor technologies.
The S series is part of Bauer's PMSM motor range which has been proven to provide the best possible energy efficiency.
All motors are not equally energy efficient and there are various national motor rating schemes for motor energy efficiency.
PITTMAN Motors' DC brush and brushless motor catalog serves as a starting point for helping mecha-tronics and motion control engineers design a DC motor solution perfectly suited for a particular application.
In the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, motor vehicle theft is defined as the theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle.