the mother of all (something)

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the mother of all (something)

The largest, most extreme, or ultimate example of a particular kind of thing. The word that follows "of" is usually plural. Wow, that is the mother of all sandwiches. It's a foot high!
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mother of

The best or greatest of a type, as in That was the mother of all tennis matches. This expression originated during the Gulf War as a translation of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's term umm al-ma'arik, for "major battle"; the Arabic "mother of" is a figure of speech for "major" or "best." It was quickly adopted and applied to just about any person, event, or activity. [Slang; late 1980s]
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the mother (or mother and father) of all —

an extreme example or very large specimen of something. informal
2007 Michael Simkins Fatty Batter Our pet pug dog, little Oona, does the mother of all dumps on the flower bed.
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the ˈmother (and ˈfather) of (all) something

(informal) used to emphasize that something is very large, important, etc: There was the mother of all storms that night. It lasted for hours.Sorry we’re so late. We got stuck in the mother of all traffic jams on the way.
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