mother nature's

(mother) nature's (something)

Used to draw a comparison between something manmade and something that occurs in nature. I remember a cartoon when I was kid saying that dates are nature's candy. Fireflies are like mother nature's night lights. What do we need a blanket for? We'll just sit in the grass—it's nature's carpeting.
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mother nature(’s)

n. marijuana. (Drugs.) No chemicals for me. I find that mother nature is everything I need.
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References in classic literature ?
"Old Mother Nature's going to get up on her hind legs and howl for all that's in her, and it'll keep us jumping, Hump, to pull through with half our boats.
Nearly a decade or so ago you could see the water and waves touching the city's shore but now that the authorities have dragged the sea back by 500 metres we are missing out on Mother Nature's beauty.
Natural disasters are not Mother Nature's wrath, but the consequences of what we are doing to her.
This didn't detract from Mother Nature's color palette; in fact, it gave it a different dimension.
Next, she implied the hurricanes were "Mother Nature's rage and wrath" at her country for Trump.
More than 20,000 purple dendrobium and lavender mokara orchids make up the floral canopy that frame Mother Nature's arms.
The Arctic ice caps are melting The rain forest put to the saw The animals are going to extinction On nature we are declaring war We know Mother Nature is powerful From things we see and know With earthquakes, eruptions and lightning Plus freak deep falls of snow She can interfere with our travelling Be it Spain or even Devon With the volcanic dust our Priest gave out All flights were cancelled to heaven So when we hear of freak disasters Giant waves or an earth crust crack I myself just seem to think Mother Nature is fighting back We should do all we can to save our world It's really our common duty To help and preserve our lovely world And Mother Nature's natural beauty by Joe Liasides, Old Swan
Hot, cold, wet, dry - they're Mother Nature's mood swings.
Mother Nature's Goodies, based at the Innovation Centre in Ebbw Vale, supplies essential oils and other products to soap and cosmetic makers in both the UK and overseas, as well as to therapists and beauty salons.
MOTHER NATURE'S WARNING I am Mother Nature, at your peril fool with me For I can make life pleasant or form a tsunami.
From climate change as a natural consequence to the melting of glaciers to the threat of floods, there may be no limit to Mother Nature's wrath if man does not reign in his irresponsible ways.
Could this be Mother Nature's way of saying how dare you spoil one of the world's most magnificent seascapes; equalled only by the much admired Amalfi coast?
Bolton joins a growing number of communities that are looking at its budget and realizing that Mother Nature's one-two punch has scored a knock-out (see story, page 1).
Glass, Ph.D., The Power of Faith: Mother Nature's Gift is more of a scientific book than a spiritual one; chapters strive to understand and explain precisely what it is in human nature and the human mind that causes people to believe in God so passionately, to the extent that extreme believers kill or destroy themselves in the name of God.
It may be a little disturbing, kids, but it's Mother Nature's way..."