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Referring to a physical location for something, typically a business (usually as opposed to an online destination). You can order these shoes online or pick them up in one of our convenient brick-and-mortar locations.

bricks and mortar

1. noun A phrase used to refer to buildings collectively and non-specifically. I think the hospital is too focused on funding bricks and mortar—the construction here has been going on for far too long.
2. adjective Fundamental and necessary. In this usage, the phrase is usually hyphenated. The candidate has yet to state the bricks-and-mortar components of his economic plan.
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bricks and mortar

buildings; the expenditure of money on buildings rather than something else. (The buildings referred to can be constructed out of anything.) The new president of the college preferred to invest in new faculty members rather than bricks and mortar. Sometimes people are happy to donate millions of dollars for bricks and mortar, but they never think of the additional cost of annual maintenance.
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[of commercial establishements] based in buildings rather than relying on online sales over the Internet. Many of the dot-com business owners have never been involved in a brick-and-mortar business.
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bricks and mortar

Basic and essential, as in Matthew Arnold's essay (1865): "Margate, that bricks-and-mortar image of British Protestantism." This phrase transfers essential building materials to other fundamental matters. It also may be used more literally to denote a building or buildings (whether or not made of bricks and mortar), as in The alumni prefer to see their donations in the form of bricks and mortar. [Mid-1800s]
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bricks and ˈmortar

a building, especially when you are thinking of it in connection with how much it cost to build or how much it is worth: A home isn’t just bricks and mortar.We now need funding to turn the plans into bricks and mortar.
The modern way of doing business through the Internet as well as from buildings and shops can be referred to as clicks and mortar, where ‘clicks’ refers to the use of the mouse and the Internet.
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Four civilians were injured due to a terrorist mortar attack on Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus on Friday.
Patria has developed the NEMO 120mm self-propelled mortar as a lighter and more compact alternative to the AMOS (see above).
The concept of using a mortar in, both, an indirect fire and a direct fire mode had its advent during World War II when the Swiss developed a 105mm breech-loaded mortar.
The acquisition represents a further step in the expansion of Sika's mortar business.
Meanwhile, two Syrians were injured by mortar shells that hit a number of neighborhoods in Idlib city.
The NATO mortar unit that had originally offered to support the training of the Canadians by firing the Canadian-supplied, Norwegian-made (to NATO specs) mortar rounds then said that the rounds could not be fired from their tubes until "proofed.
It added that another three persons were wounded by the shrapnel of a mortar shell landed at the Dahiet Harasta roundabout in the countryside of Damascus.
For example, if the white lines used for alignment on the M120A1 mortar are chipped or faded, you can touch them up following the instructions in WP 0035-4 of TM 9-1015-256-13&P (Aug 12).
The source added that a citizen was injured as a mortar shell slammed into his house in al-Zablatani area, while three other mortar shells slammed into Sd Zaghlol Street in al-Qass neighborhood, injuring a citizen and material damage to the cars parked nearby.
Mortars with the most advanced features, such as precision position and pointing systems, can achieve a 76-meter CEP, which still makes APMI seven times more accurate than any formerly fielded mortar.
With these enhancements, the IBCT mortar platoon now has shoot and scoot capabilities, allowing them to set up and ire accurately within 90 seconds of receipt of fire mission while on the move.
The new facility, spread over more than 57,000 square metres, will be Arkan's first dry mortar plant in the UAE.
A leading provider of integrated building products and construction materials in the UAE, Arkan said the project, called Arkan Dry Mortar, will have a production capacity of 1,000 tonnes per day.
The mortar is by definition an indiscriminate weapon.
Washington, May 30 (ANI): The secret behind the ancient Chinese super-strong mortar made from sticky rice has now been revealed.