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1. Struck dumb, insensible, or motionless with fear or confusion. His speech was full of such fire and anger that I was rendered all-a-mort for a few moments afterward.
2. In a dying or half-dead state; depressed or dejected, as in one who feels half dead. Possibly a corruption of "alamort," meaning the same, or a reference to a "mort," the sound from a hunter's horn to signal the death of an animal being hunted. I'm all-a-mort these past two days; I know not if I shall live beyond the week.

autem mort

1. obsolete A woman who is married. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "mort" is obsolete slang for a woman or girl. Your courtship is wasted, my friend, for she is an autem mort already.
2. obsolete A beggar woman who carries about several children and affects to have great devotion to the church or religion, generally as a means of arousing sympathetic charity from others. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "mort" is obsolete slang for a woman or girl. The autem morts with their wailing children cluster at the steps of the church for alms.
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When Mort begins his account, Hemingway is married to Martha and they are each making their separate way to the European theatre.
Selon les investigations preliminaires, il est decede de mort naturelle", a-t-il ajoute sans autres precisions.
Mort wrote a demand letter to the property manager explaining that the notice was in violation of Brittney's rights under the Fair Housing Act.
Au cours des deux dernieres decennies, les activistes du droit de mourir ont reussi a obtenir la legalisation de la mort medicalement assistee en Belgique et au Luxembourg, ainsi qu'aux Etats-Unis--dans les Etats de l'Oregon, de Washington, du Montana, de la Californie et du Vermont--, tandis que l'euthanasie et le suicide assiste ont ete legalises aux Pays-Bas.
Mort, of Nant Talwg Way, Barry, appeared at the same court back in June when he admitted a single charge of stalking by sending scores of offensive text messages that were abusive and threatening.
L'Imam qui mene d'habitude la priere dans la mosquee de Ben Gurdene s'est absente au moment de la priere du mort , et ce geste a cree un climat de tension dans la mosquee et en ville ou tous les fideles considerent que le soldat est tombe en martyr dans la lutte contre le terrorisme , ce qui n'etait pas l'avis de l'Imam.
Ce fait qui est hors du doute si l'on pense aux rites de protection dont le but est de proteger la famille contre l'influence nefaste de la mort, de la contamination que le contact avec le mort suppose d'une maniere implicite ou implicite dans toutes les societes (mais, comme cela ne fait pas le sujet de cet article, on va seulement se contenter de rappeler cette situation, sans nous y attarder).
Mort said the winner can either take the tractor or $4,000 cash.
More than three years later, a Lawrence County hospital and the county's Children and Youth Services agency agreed to pay Mort $143,500 and to reform their policies to settle the "poppy seed" lawsuits.
Mr Mort would have been visible to the defendant for at least 20 seconds, the judge added.
Jusqu'a present, la mort y est definie comme etant la cessation spontanee de la respiration, l'arret du coeur et le refroidissement du corps.
Mr Mort ended Freddy Shepherd's 10-year reign as chairman of Newcastle just months after Ashley secured the majority shares of the club.
Mort was cooking his own breakfast, as usual, when Rita stormed into the kitchen cradling something wet in her palm.
Alan Mort, 63, was badly injured in the smash with a Range Rover on Sunday.
Capital Affairs: London and the Making of the Permissive Society, by Frank Mort.