morning after

the morning after (the night before)

A hangover. A: "Ugh, I feel so sick." B: "Sounds like the morning after the night before to me. Weren't you out at the bar last night?"
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morning after (the night before)

a hangover; the feelings associated with having drunk too much alcohol. Do worries about the morning after keep you from having a good time at parties? She's suffering from the morning after the night before.
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morning after, the

The generally unpleasant consequences of a previous action or activity. The term originated in the late nineteenth century and at first referred exclusively to the aftereffects of a drinking bout; it often was put as the morning after the night before. By the mid-twentieth century it had been extended to include the consequences of any prior action, although it retained the negative implications of a hangover. It is also used in the colloquial name for an oral contraceptive taken after intercourse has occurred, the morning-after pill.
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Every morning after the 12 pubs, the two Dubliners will update their on-line tour diary at
It was the the morning after to end all morning afters - and the town had the second-biggest hangover in Scotland.
The morning after pill is actually a set of four pills - two lots of two taken 12 hours apart - that can be used up to 72 hours after sex.
"It can be hard." She's not touched alcohol for two years after she found herself apologising too many times too many people on too many morning afters.
Also Christy's Jasmine & Evening Primrose Instant Radiance Complex mask, 99p for a sachet - great for morning afters.