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not be all morning

To not take a long time in the morning, or all the hours in the morning. Usually used in the present tense to convey annoyance. How long is this repair job going to take? It better not be all morning! Run this to the post office, but don't be all morning, OK?
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(Good) morning.

the standard greeting phrase used any time between midnight and noon. Bob: Good morning. Bill: Good morning, Bob. You sure get up early!
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References in classic literature ?
"I'm pretty hungry this morning," she announced as she slipped into the chair Marilla placed for her.
Marilla felt that he wanted it just as much this morning as he had the night before, and that he would go on wanting it.
Thus spake Zarathustra and left his cave, glowing and strong, like a morning sun coming out of gloomy mountains.
Morning broke, and the Prince, still full of the wonderful apparition, left his perch and returned to the palace like one in a dream, without even knowing if the fruit had been taken or not; for his whole mind was absorbed by thoughts of Militza and how he was to find her.
His card was on the table when they came in from the morning's drive.
'You don't often come on to the sands, I think,' said he, 'for I have walked there many times, both morning and evening, since I came, and never seen you till now; and several times, in passing through the town, too, I have looked about for your school--but I did not think of the--Road; and once or twice I made inquiries, but without obtaining the requisite information.'
Not more than four hours, however, for before five o'clock he set out on his way home in the faint morning twilight.
It was a wild morning. Over a spacious lawn, and behind a black plantation of firs, the rising sun rent its way upward through piles of ragged gray cloud; heavy drops of rain fell few and far between; the March wind shuddered round the corners of the house, and the wet trees swayed wearily.
The next morning came; and Blanche marked it as a memorable morning, by committing an act of imprudence, which struck away one more of the chances of discovery that had existed, before the arrival of the Edinburgh telegram on the previous day.
His wife sent a boy this morning to say his father was in a high fever and could not get out, so I'm here instead."
"Good morning, mister," said Dominicus, when within speaking distance.
It was to say good morning to her, to hope she had slept well, to assure her of his devotion, which he trusted she in some faintest manner returned.
I WOKE at six the next morning; and found George awake too.
Metivier, who came in the morning with his felicitations, considered it proper in his quality of doctor de forcer la consigne,* as he told Princess Mary, and went in to see the prince.
Since three hours were consumed by making camp at night and cooking beans, by getting breakfast in the morning and breaking camp, and by thawing beans at the midday halt, nine hours were left for sleep and recuperation, and neither men nor dogs wasted many minutes of those nine hours.