more the merrier

more the merrier

A phrase used to welcome one to join a group or activity. Oh sure, you can come to the mall with us—the more the merrier!
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more the merrier

Cliché the more people there are, the happier the situation will be. Of course you can have a ride with us! The more the merrier. The manager hired a new employee even though there's not enough work for all of us now. Oh, well, the more the merrier.
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more the merrier, the

The larger the number involved, the better the occasion. For example, John's invited all his family to come along, and why not? The more the merrier. This expression was first recorded in 1530, when it was put as "The more the merrier; the fewer, the better fare" (meaning "with fewer there would be more to eat"), an observation that made its way into numerous proverb collections.
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the more the merrier

the more people or things there are the better a situation will be.
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the ˌmore the ˈmerrier

(saying) the more people or things there are, the better the situation will be or the more fun people will have: Bring as many friends as you like to the party. The more the merrier.
See also: merry, more
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28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Garnet Hill, a multichannel retailer, today announced the launch of its multiplatform holiday gifting campaign, " More the Merrier .
The More the Merrier Christmas Beauty evening at Selfridges Birmingham was the ultimate in old school festive glamour, from the Ratpack tribute duo doing their very best Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to the complimentary mince pies and mulled wine served to every attendee.
The more the merrier, for there's plenty of room for them all.
For Irwin, who died earlier this week, life was not remotely like this at all: It was a carnival of animals -- the more the merrier, the more dangerous the better.
Are one-person bands the way of the future, the more the merrier, or are they over-saturating?
But it is worth remembering, unlike with real fruits and vegetables, when it comes to supplements it is not always a case of the more the merrier
Don't be afraid, pile them on - the more the merrier.
It's going all right both for the team and myself at the moment,and as far as records are concerned, the more the merrier.
This is open to the public, the more the merrier,'' Giller said.
Father Tim Brook, at St Francis Church, Links Road, said: "Everybody is welcome - the more the merrier.
The team spirit here is superb and rugby fans would be a most welcome boost- indeed the more the merrier.
This is the first time in 50 years of racing we have put up our signal and we say the more the merrier.
And when you have a good population of doves, the more the merrier because the hunters keep the birds stirred and flying.
It usually is, the more the merrier for the incumbent.