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moralize about (someone or something)

To discuss or proclaim moral judgments or observations about a particular person or thing, especially in a trite or obvious manner. These politicians need to spend less time moralizing about the nature of drug addiction and homelessness, and spend more time helping the people in society who are most vulnerable. Plenty of people have moralized about the country's dictator, but so far no one has done anything to curb his power.
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moralize about someone or something

to utter moral platitudes about someone or something. There is no point in moralizing about Carlo. He can't be changed. Why are you moralizing about the election? The people are always right.
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In fact, a fundamental part of the proper ars vivendi would seem to be the pure practice of craft by the deft Gondolier, the Artisan (truly a "huomo da bene"), the dutiful Captain, the moralizing Actress, and the medical Alchemist.
A revolution in form of course necessitates a revolution in content: Movies like Cruel Intentions and The Faculty are refreshingly unburdened of overly italicized moralizing and blunderbuss.
What is more surprising is that this "take" should nevertheless issue in some highly interesting work, provided one sets on one side some pretty obvious moralizing. Above all, not even the history of theology can avoid the linguistic turn.
It includes elements of fairy tales (Sylvie and Bruno are fairy children bent on doing good works and saving a throne), sentimental moralizing, and edifying episodes espousing social reform.
But Chardin himself turned away from this charge almost as quickly as he had happened upon it, leaving his newly large and excited audience to digest his rare painted images in the form of moralizing prints.
The limit of moralizing, to which the title of this book refers, pertains to "the way in which all forms of poetic affect, whether best described as delectare or movere (delight or turbulent emotion), strain against the efforts of both critics and poets to.
The novel's idealization of rural life, sentimental moralizing, and melodramatic incidents are countered by a sharp but good-natured irony.
It is a ghastly image of despair in the aftermath of John's assassination that carries away as much as it can from the moralizing ethos of a seventeenth-century Dutch still life.
English novelist who wrote the sensational and extremely popular East Lynne (1861), a melodramatic and moralizing tale of the fall of virtue.
Unlike other works with comparable titles from this period, Pastrengo's compilation was less concerned with moralizing than with establishing a reliable bibliographic repertorium of known authors.
Being Digital expresses a connection fetishism that is refreshing in its lack of moralizing about what we should do in the future Negroponte is so busy manufacturing for us.
Banishing the hypercritical and overtly analytical, rounding off the sharp edges of institutional critique and moralizing narrative, Kertess makes what is particular to individual works of art secondary to the sweeping curatorial statement, pressing friend and foe alike into the service of a canned sense of well-being.
Whenever art and thought truly reflect the affective state of the media and do not pretend to take an "objective" moralizing position outside it (which instantly makes them irrelevant), they begin to look like the work of the devil.
Buddhism's emphasis on visualization as a means of enlightenment is compelling to a painter like Mueller, who is propelled by a spiritual, transformational intent more prone to joyfulness than to moralizing. The visual imagination is central to Tibetan culture: the center of Tibetan tantric yoga is a complex series of visualization exercises, and the third of the three bodies of a Buddha includes the Artistic Emanation.
Daniels' protracted conversation with the history of Modern abstract painting is fun, profound, and free of moralizing. Hers is not a monologue so much as a respectful dialogue, the kind marked by listening and thoughtful response, the kind that shouldn't be rushed.