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It takes more than reinforcement to provide a moral compass.
Let us have the high moral ground, and as Tagore said, 'Let us reset our moral compass,'" Mukherjee said.
Any moral compass he may once have possessed has long since seized up and rusted beyond repair.
Anyway, satisfied with my toilet roll holder purchase, I went this week in search of something far more precious and even more difficult to find - a moral compass.
I think it's nice not being the lead where you're in a position where you're not the moral compass of the story.
His conclusion looking at the coming crisis and how Americans are finding a new moral compass.
It is a telling indication that America is losing its moral compass.
And I wonder what kind of moral compass they possess when they'll fight to the death to protect dogs yet they're perfectly willing to hurt, maybe even kill, defenceless children?
She had a clear moral compass that pointed her to the service of others throughout her life.
Continuing the Hades theme, Williams' Orpheus Descending is marked by violence and characters who have lost their moral compass.
They are a pocket course in ethics and as such comprise the soundest bit of advice for anyone interested in possessing a moral compass.
These institutions should pool their resources and go in search of a moral compass.
The topic is "Practicing with Professionalism: Setting Your Moral Compass.
Urbinati efficiently speeds us through the gruesome downward spiral of the story without attempting to provide a moral compass or outside perspective, so the characters remain somewhat flat, soulless mysteries.
It seems a bit ironic, given the current discussion about the wickedness of Hollywood, that I found my moral compass from Walt Disney's Hollywood studio.