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"The Ashes have gone but we've got to come back hard and we can't mope around," said Flintoff.
If you make the side fantastic, but I didn't sit there and mope around and feel unhappy.
Feel sorry for yourself, cry into your pillow and mope around the house for two weeks.
But rather than mope around, the City star is getting his head down and focusing on his Premiership progress.
SECOND-ROW Geoff Parling promised nobody involved in the dismal defeat to the Brumbies would "mope around" in the coming days.
In the meantime, don't mope around at home waiting for her to call - get on with your own life.
"It's a big challenge for us now - we're two behind in an Ashes series with three to play, but we can't mope around too much.
Rachel Hunter will probably mope around on her own, and who'll be there to keep Robbie Williams warm?
As one of the back-up bowlers, he knows he cannot mope around feeling sorry for himself at not being first choice and he has to do what he can to keep everyone else's spirits up too.
"As disappointed as we are, we can't mope around and sit around thinking too much.
He said: "I'm glad I've not been at the club as I would have had time to mope around so I'm lucky that I've got the internationals to concentrate on.
"But on the other side it's important that you don't feel sorry for yourself and that you don't mope around." Reid has a readymade cure for whenever he is feeling down about a poor result.
"I am one of the people who has to lift the players and get them ready for the next game, especially in the Championship where games come thick and fast where you don't have time to mope around."
And now Moyes has put a rocket under them, insisting that if they continue to mope around, they will be facing a major struggle to escape the clutches of relegation.
And after the set-to in the Rovers on Monday night, Charlie's packed his bags, leaving Shelley to mope around pathetically in her pink tracksuit and matching duvet.