mop off

mop something off

to wipe the liquid off something. Please mop the counter off with paper towels. Mop off the counter.
See also: mop, off
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Contract notice: Prime contract work for the realization of 25 subsidized rental housing and 15 units in social lending rent-seynod, a place called "the aunaie" - basic mission law mop off esq and aps phases (phases executed following acquisition of building permits) + exe and opc mission.
prime contract work for the realization of 25 assisted rental housing (in project management Haute-Savoie Habitat) and 15 social housing rent-ready (in project management Ideis) Seynod, locality The Aunaie - basic mission law mop off ESQ and APS phases (phases already executed after surrender of a license worth division) + EXE and OPC Missions
He's been told he can't go back to class until he shaved his mop off or waited for the patterns to grow out.
all that did is mop off the dust (from the plants),'' said Los Angeles County Fire Capt.
Well-motivated though he may be, a gentleman should not mop off a lady's dampened clothing with a handy napkin.