mop down

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mop something down

to clean a surface with a mop. Please mop this floor down now. Please mop down this floor.
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Preparing for varnish on a new or newly-sanded floor involves a very thorough vacuuming, then a mop down with a damp mop.
Preparing for varnish on a new, or newly sanded floor, involves a very thorough hoover, then a mop down with a damp mop -- make sure it's totally dry before applying the finish.
Mop down all hard standing areas using proprietary disinfectants.
This involves them being deducted from the bill and this involves the supervisor putting her mop down.
Soon there will no longer be any need to clean filthy rugby boots; no longer will I have to mop down the windows in the morning; using the tumbler drier will quickly become the fall-back option.