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be a moot point

To be a topic that can be questioned or debated. Whether or not he's the best person for the job is a moot point now that he's tenured.
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be a moot question

To be a topic that can be questioned or debated. Whether or not he's the best person for the job is a moot question now that he's tenured.
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moot point

A debatable question, an issue open to argument; also, an irrelevant question, a matter of no importance. For example, Whether Shakespeare actually wrote the poem remains a moot point among critics, or It's a moot point whether the chicken or the egg came first. This term originated in British law where it described a point for discussion in a moot, or assembly, of law students. By the early 1700s it was being used more loosely in the present sense.
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be a moot ˈpoint/ˈquestion

be a subject that people disagree on or are uncertain about: It’s a moot point whether women or men make better drivers.A moot was a group of people who met to discuss questions of local or national law during the Anglo-Saxon period. A moot point was a question of law discussed at this meeting.
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I have learned moot is not for the faint-hearted or the half-hearted, as performing well in a competition or even simply surviving the process is an intellectual, physical, and emotional endeavor.
With the support of industry, academic community, the government and non-governmental sector, Vis Moot in Bosnia and Herzegovina has become an educational platform that brings a very new generation of skilled practitioners in international arbitration and commercial law, says the statement issued by the SPARK.
More details about Moodle Moot can be found on their website https://moodlemoot.
They are heading off to the 15th World Scout Moot in Iceland and I am sure it's going to be a trip to remember.
The latter task is precisely what moot court teaches.
Indeed, last year, the team had the honour of presenting a moot before The Right Honourable Lord Hughes of Ombersley, Justice of the UK Supreme Court in London.
In this writer's view, the goal in selecting the principal members of the moot panel is to emulate the real appellate panel in its knowledge of, and preparation for, the case.
First two days of the moot will have technical sessions.
The South African team comprised of learners who had made it to the finals of the South African Schools Moot Court Competition which was held in October 2015.
Durham Moot, has been organised by Durham Book Festival and Durham Miners' Association, in association with Palace Green Library and The People's Bookshop, on July 12 - the day of the Miners' Gala.
STUDENTS from Liverpool University convened at the Liverpool offices of law firm Brabners to take part in the fourth annual Charity Law Moot Competition.
The university has also established a name for itself on the European mooting scene, having become the first Welsh law school to qualify for the Telders International Moot Court competition in 2013, where they were the best performing British team.
The Bread and Butter Theatre will entertain, plus there will be music from The Moot all from 11am-4pm, with free face painting and balloons from 11am-3pm.
The third session of the Maktoum bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Moot Court Competition at the GCC level was launched by the Dubai Courts.
PNN The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) will organize the International Criminal Law Moot Court Competition in the Gaza Strip on 07 and 08 September 2013.