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It cost a moonshiner $1 to produce a gallon of whiskey he then sold for $40.
74) In 1917, despite their losses in confrontations with the smugglers, the company's security force succeeded in capturing sixty-three moonshiners and in 1918, seventy-three.
A-Division police claimed to have arrested a notorious moonshiner with huge quantity of liquor here the other day.
Police claimed on Sunday to have nabbed a moonshiner with 40 litres of liquor from Pul Ghunike here the other day.
A moonshiner was nabbed with 60 litres of liquor here the other day.
VINTNER HELD: Police claimed to have arrested a moonshiner with 96 bottles of liquor from Tibbi Waghar area here the other day.
Mitchum also embodied two of cinema's most distinctive monsters - the homicidal preacher with ``Love'' and ``Hate'' tattooed across his knuckles in the lyrically haunting ``The Night of the Hunter'' (1955), and the original Max Cady in the still creepy, 1962 version of ``Cape Fear'' - as well as the movies' signature moonshiner in ``Thunder Road'' (1958), which he scripted and wrote and recorded the hit theme song for.
We played together in several bands such as The Soothsayers Jugband, Papa and the Moonshiners, and the classic country band Uncle Pecos, whom we still play with.
While she might get Nelson killed unintentionally, a shady sheriff dealing in illicit booze, his henchman warning to him to leave, and run of the mill moonshiners just taking care of business are running him down and trying to kill him from all sides.
Her fellow performer on the evening, Jeni Hankins, grew up in the coalfields of the Appalachian, in Southwest Virginia, among a family of miners, moonshiners and journalists.
I then joined the folk group The Moonshiners, singing and playing guitar and mandolin.
A middle-aged American businessman told us how prohibition was a miserable failure in Tampa, where bootleggers and farmstead moonshiners, along with Cuban rum boats, did such a rip-roaring trade the city was one of the "wettest" in the States.
Large-scale producers and distributors of illegal liquor protected themselves through bribery, while small-time moonshiners and bootleggers filled the jails.
Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel founded Windy Hill Spirits in 2013 with the vision to create a moonshine that honors both the tradition and rebel spirit of American moonshiners and bootleggers.
It has also inked a deal with the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners to develop four additoinal moonshine varieties.