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déjà moo

n. [tired] old bullshit. (Based on déjà vu, and the moo brings in the bovine aspect. Contrived, but admirable nonetheless.) Are you still peddling that nonsense. Nothing but déjà moo, all over again.
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moo juice

and cow juice
n. milk. Some good, cold moo juice would be good about now. While you’re at the store, get some more cow juice.
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Just as MOOing seems both like reading traditional text and not at all like it, so MOO theory has contradictory impulses: First, to base itself on existing textual theory, and second, to strike out on its own.
The more astonished we become that Barthes can be used to theorize MOOing, the more we forget that he was actually theorizing reading.
Richard Bartle surveys the educational theories of MOOing and concludes
Teaching from both FrankenMOO and Frankenstein, I have found it less useful to make discriminations between reading and MOOing than to allow my students to explore how these parallel activities interanimate each other, making interactive, exploratory, "writerly" modes of reading more apparent in both.
But comparing the ill-begotten Born Different mooing puppy campaign to the powerful Marriage Matters ads leads to one inescapable conclusion: If you want to educate Americans about gay and lesbian lives, it's best to show them real gay and lesbian people.
Cows have always been great communicators, using their mooing to express themselves, from mother-young contact and courting songs to something as sophisticated as maintaining coherence with a group's activity.