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be in no mood for (something)

To be annoyed and unwilling to do or tolerate something. Please calm down—I'm in no mood for silliness today.
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be in the mood for (something)

1. To be interested in something I don't know why, but I'm really in the mood for ice cream today.
2. To want to do something. Dad's just not in the mood to go out to dinner tonight.
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*in a bad mood

sad; depressed; grouchy; with low spirits. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; put someone ~.) He's in a bad mood. He may yell at you. Please try to cheer me up. I'm in a bad mood.
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in no mood to do something

not feeling like doing something; not wishing to do something. I'm in no mood to cook dinner tonight. Mother is in no mood to put up with our arguing.
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in the mood (for something)

 and in the mood (to do something)
having the proper state of mind for a particular situation or for doing something. I'm not in the mood to see a movie tonight. Are you in the mood for pizza?
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in a bad mood

In an irritable or depressed state of mind. For example, Dad's in a bad mood, so don't ask for anything right now. The antonym, in a good mood, refers to a cheerful, well-disposed state of mind, as in When the boss is in a good mood our whole day goes well. The phrase in a mood, meaning "disposed" or "inclined," dates from about a.d. 1000. Also see in the mood.
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in the mood

Disposed or inclined toward something, as in I'm in the mood for a good long walk. This phrase is also put in the negative, I'm not in the mood to argue. [Late 1500s]
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be in the mood for something/for doing something


be in the mood to do something

have a strong desire to do something; feel like doing something: I’m in the mood for going out and having a good time.She said she wasn’t in the mood to dance.
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be in no mood for something/for doing something


be in no mood to do something

not want to do something; not feel like doing something: I’m in no mood for jokes — just tell me the truth.
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Lower the Total Mood Disturbance score, better the mood
Alas, the current highly positive social mood is about to turn since indicators show that an extreme in optimism is near.
Understanding that these components of mood can spread socially suggests that while the primary target of social interventions should be to increase friendships because of its benefits in reducing of the risk of depression, a secondary aim could be to reduce spreading of negative mood.
We can't grant them seven stages or twelve steps"--and yet to be under the influence of a persistent mood can make one wish for a support group of the most aggressive kind.
Going through the day in a bad mood is not positive for our performance or our career.
Basically, it seems that when you are born may increase or decrease your chance of developing certain mood disorders.
The Cognitive-Affective Theory of Learning with Media provides us with the insights of how mood might mediate cognition and motivation in multimedia learning environment (Moreno, 2006; Park et al.
The golden mood food boost rules AVOID HAVING TOO MUCH SUGAR IT can cause rapid blood sugar rise, followed by a steep dip that can lower mood.
It also contains an amino acid called tyrosine, which boosts the brain chemicals norepinephrine and dopamine as well as thyroid hormone, which can all help elevate mood.
Linda Foster says: Many of the pathways in the brain that deal with mood and hunger are linked.
Which explains why a survey by the Food and Mood project, led by mental health charity Mind, revealed nearly 90 per cent of people who took part in their study found that changing their diet significantly improved their mental health.
According to psychologist Guy Winch of Psychology Today,"we can't shake a bad mood if we're not aware of what's causing it".
New Years puts a person in a forward-thinking mood, which results in hundreds on a gym membership.
The distractions or surroundings of the exercise setting itself have also been tested as possible factors that may enhance mood during exercise.
LOW MOOD AND DEPRESSION LOW MOOD Most people experience ups and downs in their life and during the difficult times can feel unhappy, depressed, stressed or anxious.