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moo juice

slang Cow's milk. With four young boys in the house, I have to buy several gallons of moo juice every time I do our grocery shopping. I was never a fan of the old moo juice growing up—it just seemed like such a weird thing to drink.
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déjà moo

n. [tired] old bullshit. (Based on déjà vu, and the moo brings in the bovine aspect. Contrived, but admirable nonetheless.) Are you still peddling that nonsense. Nothing but déjà moo, all over again.
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moo juice

and cow juice
n. milk. Some good, cold moo juice would be good about now. While you’re at the store, get some more cow juice.
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As one of my 5-year-old friends observed, "Dogs don't moo!" And so his ultraconservative parents use his innocent observation as ammunition against gay men and women.
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