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monthly meeting

A recurring administrative gathering in the Quaker religion. Our monthly meeting is this weekend—will I see you there?
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euphemism Menstrual periods. I couldn't figure out why I was getting such bad cramps, until I finally realized that I was on my monthlies.
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n. the period of menstruation. It’s her monthlies. You know how she feels then.
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No further collection of funds or bookkeeping is necessary, and the parents treat the monthly checks like an automatic withdrawal from their checking account.
If interest rates go up during that time, the interest rate for your mortgage will go up - and so will your monthly payment.
But variable rates mean that your monthly payment could go up, too - and even though interest rates have been fairly stable for the last several years, if you decide on an ARM you must be prepared for the possibility of an increase in your monthly payment.
15, 1997 and the taxpayer replaced the twelfth monthly income statement for that year with a thirteenth period income statement that (1) covered the same period as the twelfth monthly income statement, (2) reflected the LIFO inventory method and (3) was provided, before the first monthly income statement of the following year, to each creditor who received the twelfth monthly income statement.
1993 and 1994 - EIA, Electric Power Monthly, May 1995, Tables 4 and 5.
1984 forward (and 1993 monthly data) - EIA, Electric Power Monthly, March 1995, Table 51.
Peters was later forced to resign from the position when during the course of a televised hearing into $28-apiece pure-titanium paper clips being used by record clerks at the Superconducting Supercollider, Peters became disoriented and, apparently thinking he was at lunch with a Monthly editor, motioned to the nearest young female congressional aide and declared, "Waitress, I'll have the usual--a double Amaretto martini with a frozen Heineken smoothie and a shot of Galliano on the side.
His administration was rocked with scandal nearly from the beginning, however, especially since just a few days after Fallows was sworn in, The Washington Monthly published a cover story headlined, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE CORRUPT, VENAL, BASE, INCOMPETENT, HORRIFIC FALLOWS ADMINISTRATION.
Also, contrary to the impression you get reading the Monthly, all under-40 Ivy League graduates in America are not currently engaged in arranging corporate mergers.
The Monthly, often asserts that private ownership of corporations is superior to public ownership because private owners, freed from pressure to post quarterly gains, are in a better position to play a public-spirited role in the community.
Generational fairness: The Monthly has derided the selfishness behind entitlement programs that tax young workers to subsidize the benefits of retired millionaires.
My ties to the Monthly are now those of affection, gratitude, and nostalgia, but they are enough to compel me to try to temper some of the mood of self-congratulation that inevitably accompanies an anniversary issue such as this.