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euphemism Menstrual periods. I couldn't figure out why I was getting such bad cramps, until I finally realized that I was on my monthlies.
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monthly meeting

A recurring administrative gathering in the Quaker religion. Our monthly meeting is this weekend—will I see you there?
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n. the period of menstruation. It’s her monthlies. You know how she feels then.
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In Gazakh, Ganja, Goranboy, Tartar, Aghdam, Fizuli, Jabrail regions, average monthly temperature is expected to be 9-12C (5-10C at nights, 15-20C in the daytime, 7-11C on some days) which is close to climate norm.Monthly precipitation is expected to be close to norm (norm 15-24 mm).
Wednesday, February 7 Darlington Flower Club, monthly meeting, St Cuthbert's Church Centre, Market Place, Darlington, 2pm.
Best business biog with I million unique monthly visitors or more GlobeAndMail.eom (Economy Lab), The Globe and Mail
The final extraction loss estimates, published in the NGA, incorporate information received from gas processing plants on Form EIA-64A, "Annual Report of the Origin of Natural Gas Liquids Production." Monthly extraction loss estimates are recalibrated to equate to this total.
"In order for the VA to save money, the lump sum buyout would have to be less than the total of a veteran's lifetime monthly compensation
Y correctly selected a monthly accrual period for the DI's first three years; however, as was discussed, an accrual period may vary over the DI's term.
In all four regressions, CV-RMSE (i.e., the ratio of the root mean square error of the regression divided by the mean monthly electrical use) is less than 4%.
Monthly, except for the combined July/August issue.
We offer our graduates the benefit of combining multiple loans into a single monthly payment and bill, repayment flexibility, and no application fees or charges.
High-rise condominiums recorded the highest median monthly assessment among all condominium types, increasing 14.6 percent in 2004 to $388.29 per unit from $338.88 in 2003.
Natural gas production data are collected from 32 gas-producing States on the voluntary Form EIA-895 "Monthly Quantity and Value of Natural Gas Report." The form requests data on gross withdrawals, gas vented and flared, repressuring, nonhydrocarbon gases removed, fuel used on leases, marketed production (wet), and extraction loss.
"If consumers have less flexible incomes and don't have the resources to draw on to cover rising monthly payments, then ARMs may not be the best choice."
One huge step forward was the development of a system of set monthly payments.
Monthly totals are from Monthly Treasury Statements, which are available on the web site of the U.S.