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have a monopoly on (something)

To be the only one who has or possesses something. If that company thinks that they can have a monopoly on telephone service, they're in for a rude awakening!
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Monopoly money

1. A sum of money that has little or no importance to a person. A reference to the paper play money used in the board game Monopoly. He dropped nearly 30 grand on a single watch, but he's so loaded that it's just Monopoly money to him
2. Bills of currency printed on bright, multicolored paper. (In contrast to the simple green and white color of American currency.) Even after four years, I could never get used to the Monopoly money they use up in Canada.
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Provision of credit transfer and trading mechanisms by the standards and our assumption of a competitive (or monopolistically competitive) market allows manufacturer-specific CAFE and emissions standards to be replaced by one industry-wide constraint(5), as if there were only one big manufacturer meeting the standards.
Firms, which are owned by the households, produce differentiated goods in a monopolistically competitive market.
We found that Turkish banks, which operate in more monopolistic environments, are also less efficient; however the banks were able to achieve high records of profitability in monopolistically competitive markets.
In doing so, the business is in effect removing itself from a purely competitive environment to a monopolistically competitive environment.
There are n (j = 1, ..., n) monopolistically competitive final goods producers.
In this framework, each monopolistically competitive firm maximizes profits subject to stochastic constraints on the frequency of price adjustments (Calvo, 1983) or subject to menu costs of changing prices (Rotemberg, 1982).
(37) In the latter world, they argue, patentees would take full advantage of the patent grant by pricing monopolistically. (38) They would have less incentive to invest in the quality of their products or services, however, because they could not capture the benefits of such investments through branding.
We consider a monopolistically competitive intermediate-goods sector as in Dixit and Stiglitz (1977).
The television manufacturing industry itself is barely monopolistically competitive.
In this section we extend the model to allow for monopolistically competitive behavior in the labor market on the part of workers and show that the results from the previous analysis continue to hold.
Referring to the production of Peugeot 206 SD by Iran Khodro, he said that the sedan is produced monopolistically in Iran and it has entered the global automaking basket.
Monopolistically competitive firms produce differentiated consumption goods, exercise market power, and maximize profits by pricing their differentiated products at a markup over marginal production costs.
Gokalp and Unsar also lament "the perception of an invading American-EU imperialism through the use of the AKP government and a liberal media group owned almost monopolistically by big business that has promoted an illusionary success story" (p.
For them, there is always an unending line of frightened and suffering people waiting patiently for their inconveniently scheduled, monopolistically priced, and outmoded services.
Each country has an agricultural sector (shorthand for a sector that is tied to each country) and a monopolistically competitive manufacturing sector.