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have a monopoly on (something)

To be the only one who has or possesses something. If that company thinks that they can have a monopoly on telephone service, they're in for a rude awakening!
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Monopoly money

1. A sum of money that has little or no importance to a person. A reference to the paper play money used in the board game Monopoly. He dropped nearly 30 grand on a single watch, but he's so loaded that it's just Monopoly money to him
2. Bills of currency printed on bright, multicolored paper. (In contrast to the simple green and white color of American currency.) Even after four years, I could never get used to the Monopoly money they use up in Canada.
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Rowse also rebuts the charge of incipient monopolism with respect to the company's e-communities program.
[31] Also, there is room for doubt whether Ropke's frequent denunciations of industrial giantism, of the cult of the colossal and of the super-colossal, in short, of monopolism in all its forms, has earned him many points with another segment of the American public that might logically be expected to support his ideas--the business community.
Like the evils of monopolism and economic waste, left-wing insurgency and right-wing hysteria were "pathological diversions of energy to be brought back to their normal channels" in the social order.(544) In the twenties, freedom of speech offered Brandeis the best area in which to work out a comprehensive solution to that problem.
Article 6 of the Ukrainian Law On Monopolism prohibits "discrimination against entrepreneurs." The prohibition is interpreted to apply to bans on sales of products, tax exemptions, low interest loans, budgetary grants or loans, exemptions from paying certain public fees (e.g., land use), rent reductions, or preferential access to specific raw materials.(23) Moreover, article 6 has been held to apply to a variety of other actions by which a state body would convey a commercial advantage to a select group of enterprises, or a commercial disadvantage to a select group of enterprises.
The real answer lies in the sports industry's monopolism, which gives teams decisive leverage in their dealings with urban officials.
Iranians, in Montazeri's view, wanted change after years of empty government promises, unfair discrimination, mismanagement, administrative favoritism, factional monopolism and the denial of freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, even though they still remained faithful to Islam and the revolution.
The authors feel that monopolism the control of the majority of resources by a small group - was the single most important factor causing the poor economic conditions prevailing today.
If it is on the former, there seems little more reason to welcome monopolism based upon workers' self-management than bureaucratic monopolism; both involve the pursuit of particular, corporatist interests at the expense of the collectivity.