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have a monopoly on (something)

To be the only one who has or possesses something. If that company thinks that they can have a monopoly on telephone service, they're in for a rude awakening!
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Monopoly money

1. A sum of money that has little or no importance to a person. A reference to the paper play money used in the board game Monopoly. He dropped nearly 30 grand on a single watch, but he's so loaded that it's just Monopoly money to him
2. Bills of currency printed on bright, multicolored paper. (In contrast to the simple green and white color of American currency.) Even after four years, I could never get used to the Monopoly money they use up in Canada.
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prohibited government-granted monopolies in their state constitutions,
Zurabyan pointed out that the monopolies existing in the country are the result of the Government's criminal activities.
Public-interest advocates don't want to risk releasing power to the monopolies built up by past legislation.
Many of the complaints about Standard came from medium-sized refiners that lost cozy local monopolies to Standard's rationalizing and price cutting.
It illustrated how new technology and consumer demand are transforming telecommunications, overcoming barriers to competition, and undermining old monopolies.
And, of course, private companies without legally protected monopolies can't just raise their prices when costs climb.
Franchise rules and entry regulation shore up existing monopolies.