monkey's uncle, I'll be/am a

(Well) I'll be a monkey's uncle!

An expression of surprise or amazement. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle—Shane actually managed to get his movie made.

then I'm a monkey's uncle

An expression of utter disbelief or incredulity. Used after a conditional phrase. A: "Tom claims he's descended from Napoleon Bonaparte." B: "Ha, yeah right. If that's true, then I'm a monkey's uncle!"
See also: uncle
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I'll be a monkey's uncle

used to express great surprise. informal
See also: uncle
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monkey's uncle, I'll be/am a

An expression of surprise or disbelief. Why that particular animal was chosen is no longer known, and indeed the cliché, which dates from the early 1900s, is heard less often today. Eric V. Lustbader used it in White Ninja (1990): “If this doesn’t turn out to be a suicide, I am a monkey’s uncle.”
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