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An excessively or extravagantly wealthy person. I don't really care about being some kind of moneybags or anything like that, I just want to have a career I'm passionate about. Look at moneybags over here, booking a first-class plane ticket. Can't fly coach like the rest of us bums, eh Jerry?
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Mr./Ms./Mrs. Moneybags

A humorous nickname for an excessively or extravagantly wealthy person. Look at Mr. Moneybags over here, booking a first-class plane ticket. Can't fly coach like the rest of us bums, eh Jerry? Hey, Ms. Moneybags—not all of us can afford to eat at such an expensive restaurant!
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n. a nickname for a wealthy person. When you get to be a big moneybags, don’t forget those you left behind.
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'He grabbed my handbag and a moneybag, but as my co-worker made her way through to the back room he tried to run to the front.
Lucky Christopher McLernon, below, is another cash winner with Moneybags.
The defendants had been tasked to transfer moneybags from different banks and commercial establishments in Dubai between August 24 and 25 in 2017.
Without this, we will continue to see moneybags and their sponsors take over government and these kinds of people cannot deliver good governance.
One, 100 [pounds sterling] Midland Bank, is even named for the issuing bank and the face value of the bills it was designed to hold, and in some instances the moneybags are all but untouched, with only the neat rows of stitching and stamped information reading us mint 1000 dimes or $100 silver left visible, a readymade tactic recalling Warhol's iconic screen prints of dollar bills or Phillip Hefferton's earlier Pop-art riffs on the US banknote.
The club are 15 points adrift of safety, probably looking up with envy at moneybags Paris St Germain, who are 55 points ahead of them after extending their unbeaten run to 33 matches with a 3-1 win over Lorient.
MONEYBAGS French outfit Paris Saint-Germain will be back for Everton's Seamus Coleman in the January transfer window.
Real has recently won 1-0 in a friendly with French 'moneybags' Paris Saint Germain in Doha, the report added.
RUMOURS persist that Paris St-Germain are looking for a new manager to replace under-fire Antoine Kombouare, but the moneybags of French football are odds-on to be crowned Ligue 1 champions, writes Mark Langdon.
Chris Hughton's spirited side ultimately had little answer to Roberto Mancini's outfit as moneybags Manchester City marched into the last 16.
Back in the summer, Arsene Wenger rejected a move to moneybags Paris St Germain on the principle he had never before broken a contract.
Moneybags, offers to donate something large and visible, say an electronic sports field scoreboard.
It is believed that Yakubu's pounds 35,000-a-week wage demands proved too rich for the moneybags Championship side.
MONEYBAGS Crawley Town were knocked off the top of the table after visiting Newport County beat them 3-2, Darryl Knights got the winner just after half-time.
BBC1, 9pm There are few things more exciting than hearing some demented granny tell you that your great-granddad had a fling with a minor royal and that you're descended from a certain somebody called Maurice Moneybags. In truth, most of us are descended from pretty ordinary people who did pretty ordinary things, but somehow, the search for answers is always fascinating.