money doesn't grow on trees

money doesn't grow on trees

Money should not be wasted because it is not something that can be replenished whenever one wants. I can't believe you would spend your entire allowance on a silly video game. Money doesn't grow on trees, you know!
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Money does not grow on trees.

Prov. It is not easy to get money. (Implies that the person you are addressing spends money too easily.) Child: Can I have ten dollars to go to the movies? Father: Ten dollars?! Money doesn't grow on trees.
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money doesn’t grow on ˈtrees

(saying) used to say that you should be careful about how much money you spend because the amount you have is limited: I can’t give you any more pocket money, Alice. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.
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JUNE GIBBS: My seven-year-old son is looking through the Argos, saying "I want this and this and this." So I said: "Money doesn't grow on trees, don't you know?" My son said: "Yes it does." So I said: "How does money grow on trees?" He replied: "Well what is money made out off?" "Paper ." "Where does paper come from?" I say: "Trees".
Singh suggested that the last week's big-ticket reforms were necessary in order to deal with the crippling economy, saying "money doesn't grow on trees."
Money doesn't grow on trees, but $4 million-plus can do a lot to help make trees grow.
"Living on a Shoestring" is a good choice for those in a position where money doesn't grow on trees.
They say money doesn't grow on trees - but a Welsh couple have struck oil with the tree of life.
Money doesn't grow on trees. That doesn't mean it can't come from trees.
Granted, money doesn't grow on trees unless you plant wisely.
As money doesn't grow on trees, it's good that financial guru Martin Lewis is able to tell us how to save cash in these tough economic times.