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freak mommy

n. a good-looking female. Sally is such a freak mommy. My eyes just water!
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mommy track

A career path with work arrangements offering mothers certain benefits, such as flexible hours, but providing fewer opportunities for advancement. The term was coined in 1989 in a New York Times article and was picked up by syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman in a March 1989 column: “. . . the mommy track is either a dream job that allows women the flexibility to do work they enjoy while still having time for school plays . . . [or] a ghettoized second-class job that fits what the employment pages call ‘mother’s hours.’” Both the controversy and the term persist. In March 2010, a former Goldman Sachs executive sued the firm, claiming to have been “mommy tracked” and eventually fired after going part-time after the birth of her first child.
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With Mommy Pinty, Nina realized it was her patience that brought out the best in Toni and Alex.
As the enraged mommy blogger rightly pointed out, nobody is in a position to judge how much a mother loves and cares for her children, and how their welfare is paramount in her mind.
New Delhi [India], July 7 ( ANI ): Mommy to be Esha Deol is enjoying the perks of being a pregger.
I thought Mommy was joking but she wouldn't wake up.
If you need to get away for more than a few hours, the Spare Mommy would stay with your children 24/7, take them to school, activities, make meals and teach them.
For effects such as these, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of North Shore offers the Mommy Makeover Massachusetts.
Since adding our second child Kalon to the Jacob family almost two years ago, I have been wracked with mommy guilt pretty much every day.
United States-based Lifestyle Nutrition Labs, is launching its Mommy Water, a drinkable prenatal vitamin for the modern pregnancy, at the All Baby and Child Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, scheduled for 7 September to 10 September 2014, it was reported yesterday.
Raw Shea & Cupuacu Mommy Stretch Mark Intensive Repair Oil.
Founded on the principles of innovation, convenience and comA[degrees] fort, Mommy & Me offers the best local and international brands that specialise in maternity and baby accessories, health and eduA[degrees]cation advancements.
And then I get back, and they just see me as Mommy.
to launch her own wine label geared towards moms, and thus Mommy Juice Wine was born.
Her father had just told her that Mommy would have to stay in the hospital for a long time.
Pt1 No Mommy No Mommy I am home by myself Older sister isn't home yet I am 8 or 9 or so Me being home must be illegal Must be a crime Must be bad for Mommy The police sure don't like it The neighbors sure don't like it I sure don't like it Mommy going to the boat With cash in hand The dollars go afloat in the currents of C A S I N O Mommy sailing away Mommy stranded on her island of chance Chances are I won't see her till morning I Am 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20.
We learn of Mommy (dearest), a psychotic housewife; Maggie, her daughter infected with grim fairytales of pills and "not nice" boys; and Malachi, a cultural agent holding up signs of disaster as Mommy and her unfortunate daughter speed in tanklike SUVs (that Daddy builds) down American highways.