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freak mommy

n. a good-looking female. Sally is such a freak mommy. My eyes just water!
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mommy track

A career path with work arrangements offering mothers certain benefits, such as flexible hours, but providing fewer opportunities for advancement. The term was coined in 1989 in a New York Times article and was picked up by syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman in a March 1989 column: “. . . the mommy track is either a dream job that allows women the flexibility to do work they enjoy while still having time for school plays . . . [or] a ghettoized second-class job that fits what the employment pages call ‘mother’s hours.’” Both the controversy and the term persist. In March 2010, a former Goldman Sachs executive sued the firm, claiming to have been “mommy tracked” and eventually fired after going part-time after the birth of her first child.
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