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(Do) you kiss your momma with that mouth?

Used to chastise someone who is using lewd, vulgar, or obscene language. Stop cursing around all these little kids! Geez, you kiss your momma with that mouth? Wow, those are some mighty vulgar words for a 10-year-old to know. Do you kiss your momma with that mouth, young man?
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(my) momma didn't raise no dummy

I am not stupid, foolish, or naïve. A: "And just make sure the safety latch is in place before you start the engine." B: "I know, I know. My momma didn't raise no dummy!" They thought they could pull a fast one on me, but momma didn't raise no dummy.
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Yo momma!

slang A colloquial variant of "your mother," used as a general insult, especially in response to a criticism or offense from someone else. A: "You really ought to lay off those donuts, don't you think?" B: "Yo momma!" Boom, slam dunk, baby! Yo momma!
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(Do) you eat with that mouth?

and (Do) you kiss your momma with that mouth?
interrog. Do you actually eat with the mouth you use to talk that filth?; Do you actually use that filthy mouth to kiss your mother? (Said to someone who talks dirty all the time.) That’s a lot of foul talk. Do you eat with that mouth? What did you say? You kiss your mama with that mouth?
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Do you kiss your momma with that mouth?

See also: kiss, momma, that

you kiss your momma with that mouth?

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Acknowledging that thousands of Ifugaos are addicted to momma chewing, Lamut town said in its ordinance that "regulation is imperative since the spittle spewing from the mouth of betel nut chewers brings out a red liquid that pollutes, makes ugly and unsanitary the area and environment where it is wantonly disposed."
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The Big Momma films have been brash, unsophisticated Martin Lawrence comedy vehicles, but they've also been reliable box office dynamite.
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Two of the businesses, Spiedini Italian Grill and Big Momma's Coffee & Espresso Bar, will be located on the lower level of Underwood Plaza, which exits onto Powerhouse Avenue.
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