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She was plugging into her private experience, as she'd done in Quartet, but she was doing it with the lucid "uncompromising gaze (Angler's phrase) of the deliberate artist".' Moments of Truth has much of this, and it is highly recommended to anyone with a genuine interest in the lives and work of the most influential women writers of fiction in the last century.
"Moments of truth," Richardson explains, "come at a point when a company recognises what success or failure looks like in hard, measurable terms - at the point when it really counts." They also, he adds, create opportunities for organisations to create new, more collaborative ways of conducting business.
These contacts really do qualify as important moments of truth. These are moments when citizens encounter a criminal justice agency as clients asking for help or being obliged to stand still; moments when, as citizens, they contemplate the work of the criminal justice system and decide whether it is performing well or badly; and moments when they are asking to participate in the production of justice either as part of a community-based patrol or as part of a jury.
While the most intense moments of truth between citizens and criminal justice agencies may occur when citizens have discrete transactions with the system that involve their particular interest, the most common moments of truth may be those when citizens hear something about the performance of the system and decide whether it is performing well or poorly.
Moments of truth, which, like those of the last 50 years, offer a hope for peace in the years to come.
Moments of Truth. Cambridge, Mass.: Balinger Publishing Co., 1987.
If you haven't created customer lifecycle maps that identify key moments of truth, start now.
The more moments of truth, the better the customer experience.
To optimize the customers' moments of truth, the best practice is to create "customer journey maps." Here's an example of how ISM is currently working with a B2C customer to create a customer journey map.
Well, here's your nickel back!" So much for "moments of truth" that establish your city as stellar in your citizens' eyes!
So how do you as a leader empower your employees to take ownership of these "moments of truth?" Begin by hiring and retaining quality people.
Understand customer lifecycles and moments of truth--and measure how well you are meeting customer expectations at key moments of truth. Also make sure that you quality monitor the customer experience across all channels, not just live contacts.
You can do it by analyzing the data you have at hand: evaluate customer behavior, analyze customer journeys, understand level of effort, evaluate how you can provide the best experience at key moments of truth. What's important to your customers--speed?