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But as a result, one of Dell's competitors experienced its own moment of truth.
That turns out to be crucial for getting the most out of that particular moment of truth, when a criminal justice agency relates to a citizen as an overseer.
A close reading of the two swimming scenes in The Sun Also Rises reveals that on the first day Jake has an experience that produces an "epiphany" or a moment of truth, and on the second day, the "echo scene" reveals the change that has taken place in his character.
There will be a moment of truth for which a building must be prepared.
The point is to apply all of these rules routinely at the point of decision and to have a mechanism for getting them there at the moment of truth.
After all, this moment of truth is what Sichrovsky is trying to achieve for all of Germany.
This moment of truth is the new battlefield for retailers, brands, apps and ecommerce pure plays.
He said: "Only Lance would get to have his moment of truth, if that's what it will be, in front of Oprah Winfrey.
The pair may be approaching the moment of truth as.
THE moment of truth arrives for Walsall trialists Patrick Suffo and Chris Palmer when they face Wolves at the Banks's Stadium tonight (7.
ARSENE WENGER reckoned those three games with Liverpool would produce a moment of truth for his team.
It's simply human--at the moment of truth (caring for a customer, who may be growing impatient), employees are left unsupported, trying to find the right resolution amid many choices.
Domenech admits the moment of truth was looming for his side who must beat Togo by two goals or more to be sure of progressing.
But, for the most part, Hood keeps the story sharpened to a hard, violent edge, right up to Tsotsi's climactic moment of truth.