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Until that moment, I hadn't thought very philosophically about what "expression in performance" really meant: I assumed my role was to offer my interpretation of the music to the audience, who I hoped would find it acceptable and demonstrate their approval of me with respectful silence during the music and applause (thunderous, please) afterward.
All four of this month's examples depend on freezing or blurring moments in time to express ideas about various forms of energy.
For any straight folk and gay men with whom it resonates, Stolen Moments should effectively dismantle any lingering suspicions that lesbians are (a) less sexual than guys, (b) monogamy mavens, or (c) humorless.
The principal characters need more such moments of inner revelation.
Be inspired to Meet the Moment by watching Team CLIF Bar athletes as they scale the chilly face of Smith Rock, ski the Oregon backcountry, surf the swells of Northern California, mountain bike in the Santa Cruz redwoods and more.
But from the Bruins' perspective, it was the emotional defining moment of the afternoon.
The company has therefore created the Runtastic Moment in ten unique designs, which are organized into four collections:
Vote for your favorite proudest moment photo and help a Finalist win money:
Like much of the Jewish American landscape, Moment has its origins in Eastern Europe.
Dubai First has made an announcement on its impending launch of an innovative credit card, dubbed as 'Dubai Moments Credit Card,' which will boast the spirit of the global city of the UAE.
I would cruelly blame this 'good moment' rubbish on those who aren't native English speakers, but Brendan Rodgers has claimed Liverpool are in a good moment, which is as good an indicator as any that a phrase has entered the 2012-13 edition of The Football Management-speak Dictionary.
Moments and moment invariants in pattern recognition.
At the CTIA conference in San Diego on Wednesday, Samsung and Sprint unveiled the Samsung Moment, a touchscreen handset that has an Android-based operating system.
Finding Your One Moment in Time" examines the brief moments in time that change lives, provide epiphanies and change the very course of one's being.
How many times have you come face-to-face with a moment that could move your organization exponentially forward toward the outcomes you've been hoping to achieve?