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slang Methyl?enedioxy?methamphetamine (MDMA), also known as ecstasy or E, which elicits an intense sensation of heightened energy, pleasure, and empathy. Once someone started passing around the molly, the party really got pretty crazy. I took some molly during dinner so that I'd be at the peak of my high right when the concert started.

Molly whop (one)

To strike, slap, or slam into one, either once or repeatedly; to wallop one. The term is sometimes hyphenated, and sometimes both, or neither, "Molly" and "whop" are capitalized. I'm gonna Molly-whop you if you don't shut your mouth! The car sped through the red life and Molly Whopped van that had started to drive forward.
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Good golly, Miss Molly!

An exclamation of surprise. Popularized by Little Richard's 1958 song of the same name. Good golly, Miss Molly—you scared me!
See also: good, miss

Good golly. Miss Molly!

Inf. Good grief!; Wow! Good golly, Miss Molly! This place is a mess! Good golly, Miss Molly, that's awful!
See also: good, miss

Good golly, Miss Molly!

exclam. Good grief!; Wow! Good golly, Miss Molly! This place is a mess!
See also: good, miss

Molly whop someone

tv. to beat someone up; to slap someone hard. Quiet or I’ll Molly whop you.
See also: molly, someone, whop
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The secret to long life Molly says is good food, good company, a good laugh, plenty of sleep, being well looked after and a great game of bingo with her friends.
The film's major hurdle, though, lies with the nagging feeling by the end that the true story of Molly Bloom -- as fun as it is -- doesn't teach us, or reveal, anything new.
I knew then that she was my puppy, but I like to think Molly chose me.
Molly learns the tricks of the gambling trade and when Dean betrays her, she retaliates by setting up her own game, luring some of his best punters including celebrity Player X (Michael Cera).
The journals have appeal beyond the companionship they offer Molly on long, lonely days; they also provide deft historical context and an impetus for character growth.
It cost [euro]225,000 to buy in to a game and Molly was soon earning [euro]110,000 a night in tips.
Halverson, for example, claims that Molly transforms the rough mountainous landscape into a domestic space, reimagining the western landscape outside the myth of manifest destiny (Playing House 205).
Though she didn't plan to make a business of it, Molly did
And Roz became upset after learning that Molly had fallen in love with Prince Theo.
Molly, from Yardley, Birmingham, beat opponents from France and Belgium on her way to the crown.
IT was a night brave nine-year-old Molly Taylor will never forget meeting her idols One Direction.
West Highland terrier Molly disappeared from outside church minister Ken Whitelaw's home on July 10.
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