holy moley

An exclamation of surprise, shock, or astonishment. Holy moley, the bill for that dinner is nearly $200! We won the lottery? Holy moley, that's amazing news!
See also: holy, moley

Holy moley!

Inf. Wow! Holy moley! A whole quarter! Look, here's another one! Holy moley!
See also: holy

Holy moley!

(ˈholi ˈmoli)
exclam. Wow! (The exclamation used by the comic book character Captain Marvel.) Holy moley! A whole quarter! Shazam!
See also: holy
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The 2016 Kenyan team comprised of Kimoi Moi, Lorenzo Soriano, Geoff Moley, Eugene Yumbya and Stichbury.
Over the past 11 years, Marcus Investments has invested in and grown a variety of successful businesses including Berengaria, a real estate business that has developed and/or managed more than USD 300 million of retail developments nationwide since its inception in 2008, Hospitality Democracy, the company's restaurant operation, which includes Zaffiro's pizza, AJ Bombers, Smoke Shack and Holey Moley (Doughnuts), among others, as well as Verlo Mattress, which the company successfully transformed into a nationally recognized, vertically integrated consumer brand concept.
10 Alteration of metabolites could be the basis of this growth inhibition as shown by work done by Moley and fellows by exposure of pre-implantation mouse embryos to elevated glucose.
Take for example the robochef currently being designed by UK-based Moley Robotics.
Moley argued that FDR was free of ideology while Tugwell claimed that the "brain trusters" had convinced FDR to face economic realities and regretted only that bolder proposals might have created a mandate for more reforms that might have overcome the "southern reactionaries" who later opposed New Deal plans (pp.
1 million project includes the purchase and renovation of a building adjacent to Moley Magnetics current location in Lockport.
Robo Chef, the futuristic personal chef from Moley Robotics and 2011 MasterChef winner Tim Anderson, will retail for US $15,000
so expect to lose yourself in the 'rainforest jungle', experiencing trials and tribulations of the TV series with a Holey Moley bushtucker test and Celebrity Cyclone competition.
The two animals realize that they can be good friends to each other, and when another lonely animal, Moley, tries to poison their friendship with each other, they actually overcome that obstacle by including Moley in their friendship circle.
The developers also plan to provide tickets for championships like NBA, World Series, Formula One Grand Prix and even Superbowl finals via the Goaly Moley championships.
Holy Moley, if there's one insight that's relevant to Africa, this has to be it.
and Frank Freidel, Cohen argues that the values and hard work of Brain Trusters Raymond Moley, Director of the Budget Lewis Douglas, Secretary of Agriculture Henry A.